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SinoCorrugated South 2020


SinoCorrugated South 2020

Concurrently with
SinoFoldingCarton 2020
Packcon 2020 - China Packaging Container Expo 2020

As the professional corrugated manufacturing show in the world, SinoCorrugated South 2020 will be staged during July 22-24, 2020 at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center (GDE), China.

As a powerful and efficient channel, SinoCorrugated South serves box manufacturers to make efficient purchasing decisions and to learn about new products, cutting edge technologies and market dynamics in order to enable solution for the most efficient performance within their businesses.

SinoCorrugated South is connecting the corrugated industry to the future, which showcasing corrugated equipment, technologies and trends.SinoCorrugated South 2020 cover the exhibition space of over 110,000 square meters, gathering more than 1,100 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors, showcasing 1,800 pieces of corrugated manufacturing equipment as well as 1,200 kinds of consumables.


Exhibits Scope
Corrugating and Ancillary Equipment

◆Single facers
◆Double facers
◆Thin-Blade Slitter Scorers
◆Glue System
◆Preheating Cylinder
◆Mill Roll Stand
◆Corrugator Rolls
◆Woven Belts
◆Rotary Steam Jointers
◆Web Guiding Systems
◆Steam / Condensate Processing Systems
◆Corrugated Line Noise Reduction System

Converting and Ancillary Equipment
◆Plate Making System
◆Mounting Table
◆Plate Mounting Machine
◆Anilox Roller Washing Machines
◆Automated Plate Washers
◆Feeder System
◆Printer Slotter Die Cutter
◆Printing Slotter Die Cutting interlocking production line
◆Digital Printing
◆Gravure Printing Machines
◆Inline flexographic printing machines
◆Central Impression Flexo Printing Machines
◆Stack Flexo Printing Machines
◆Die Cutters
◆Stripping Machines systems
◆Litho Laminators
◆Case Erectors
◆Paper Cutters
◆Cutting template maker
◆Hot Melt Glue Applicators
◆Anilox Rolls
◆Doctor Blade Chamber System
◆Diaphragm pump
◆Belts & Wheels
◆Accessories of Stitcher / Folder Gluer

Honeycomb Paperboard and Pulp Corrugated Base Papers
◆Honeycomb Paperboard Production Line
◆Stack-up Paper Core Production Line
◆Paper Angle /Edge Protector Machine
◆Pulp Molding Machine
◆Vertical Corrugated Machine

Corrugated Base Papers
◆Kraft Liner
◆Test liner
◆white top liner

◆Cut-off/Slitting Knives
◆Anvil Cover
◆Grinding Wheels
◆Pressing Wheels
◆No-Crush Wheels/ Feeder Wheels
◆Doctor Blade
◆Die Cutting Knives
◆Die Cutting Board
◆Tearing Tape
◆Rewinder Belts
◆Double-Side Tape

◆Plate Making Services
◆Mold Factory
◆Business Consultant and training
◆Equipment Upgrades and Rebuilds
◆Used Equipment
◆Financial services

◆Color Management System
◆Box Structure Design Programs
◆Manufacture Managers
◆Motion Control Software

Factory Infrastructure and Services
◆Conveyor Systems and Material Handling System
◆Automatic Storage System
◆Waste Paper Handling Systems
◆Air Conditioning & Humidification Systems
◆Sewage Treatment Systems

Corrugated Testing Machines
◆Corrugated Testing Machines


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