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IGPE 2017 - The 8th China International Grain and Oil Products Industry Expo


IGPE 2017

The 8th China International Grain and Oil Products Industry Expo

Aims to build a large integrated service platform for international grain & oil big industry exhibition, , IGPE 2017 - The 8th China International Grain and Oil Products Industry Expo will take place from Nov.29 to Dec.1, 2017 at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing.

The 8th China International Grain and Oil Products Industry Expo (IGPE 2017) will set up 8 exhibition halls with exhibition area of 35 thousand square meters, in which the International Pavilion is in Hall 5. The organizer - Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd invites foreign friends to participate in IGPE 2017 sincerely.

Concurrently with
IEOE Expo 2017 - The 8th IEOE China International Edible Oil Industry Expo
INIE Expo 2017 - The 8th INIE China (Beijing) International High-end Food & Beverage Industry Expo


Visitor Resource
The seventh session of the IGPE National Food Expo visitors source:, agents:

1, strength, terminal sales network dealers, agents, distributors, distribution companies and high-end grain supply center;
2, large food comprehensive wholesale market, gift market;
3, prepare sales units or individuals acting oil or high grain and oil food.
B.the purchasing trader:
1, the organs of Veteran Cadres Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Government Bureau (Department), Beijing army retired cadres, the logistics department is responsible for purchasing work;
2, China procurement, import and export traders, dealers, domestic group purchase business gifts;
3, grain and oil wholesale market, large-scale integrated business ultra, grain and green food chain stores, chain supermarkets and convenience stores;
4 food, fast moving consumer goods, health care, food and beverage, cosmetic, gift, infants and young children, pregnant women, elderly etc.;
5, catering hotel procurement officers, cook etc.;
6, the Organizing Committee of the 35000 previous accumulation of professional audience invitation directed. groups.
1, the industry mainstream media (TV, newspaper, magazine, website)
2, industry associations, associations, scientific research institutions, University College, industry experts, industry leaders.


Exhibits Scope
1,Grain and oil products 1 categories: flour, rice, edible oil series series series, corn deep processing series, series of fine grains;
2, High-end grain series: series of organic, Se series, high-end health nutrition edible oil, green products series, imports of grain and oil series.
3, "China famous brand", "green food", "rest assured food" and other food products;
4, kinds of deep processed foods;
5, modern grain and oil machinery and equipment, packaging machinery, filling machinery, etc.;
6, grain deep processing technology and storage and logistics;
7, kinds of food production and processing technology and testing technology;
8, grain and oil production surrounding.


Name: Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Address: Room 1303-1306, Building 2, Phase 2, No.100, Jinyu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-6110 7296
Fax: +86-21-6219 4683
Official Website: Click to Visit

Located in Yuzhou Jinqiao International—a business district in Pudong Area, Shanghai—Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Kunxiao Expo), is a subsidiary of Yonghong International.

Kunxiao Expo was born with competition with the support from Yonghong International headquarter. Since 2012, Kunxiao Expo had cooperated with Chinese Nutrition Society, Ministry of Health to hold the 3rd INOE China (Shanghai) International Edible Oil Industry Expo, the 3rd IND China (Shanghai) International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo, the 3rd INIE China (Shanghai) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo, and 2013 IGPE China (Shanghai) International Grain and Processing Industry Expo.

Yonghong International will make every effort to build excellent exhibitions, providing nothing but quality service. Your comments and suggestions will be more than appreciated!

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