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  • VENUE: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
    Location & Details of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: 2345 Long Yang Road, Pudong Area, Shanghai, 201204, China
  • ORGANIZER: Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd.
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Rita Zeng; Josie Zhang
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-21-5045 6700 ext. 204/307
  • Fax: +86-21-6886 2355/5045 9355
  • CITY:Shanghai
  • INDUSTRY:Plant & Machinery
  •  Industrial Equipment & Components
  •  Energy/ Green Power
  •  Mechanical
  • DATE: 2016/11/01 - 2016/11/04 Expired!



Concurrently with
ComVac Asia 2016
Industrial Supply Asia 2016

About the trade fair in China

PTC ASIA 2016 will be staged on Nov.1-4, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China. The organizer is Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd..

Topics of PTC ASIA 2016
Fluid Power
Mechnical Transmission(MTPE)
Fastener & Spring


  1             Fluid power  
    1.1      Hydraulics  

  1.1.1       Hydraulic pumps

  1.1.2       Hydraulic motors

  1.1.3       Hydraulic variable speed drive units

  1.1.4       Hydraulic cylinders

  1.1.5       Pressure intensifiers and dual fluid


  1.1.6       Hydraulic control valves

  1.1.7       Hydraulic accumulators

  1.1.8       Hydraulic pressure switches;

  1.1.9       Pipes, hoses and connections


  1.1.10     Assemblies and complete

                 hydraulic systems              

  1.1.11     Hydraulic test rigs

  1.1.12     Water hydraulics assemblies

  1.1.13     Special hydraulics equipment

  1.1.14     Sealing devices and

                  supplementary   equipment 

                  for hydraulics

  1.1.15      Filters for hydraulic- and oil-

                  lubrication systems

  1.1.16      Heat exchangers

  1.1.17      hydraulic gear pumps,

                  hydraulic gear motors,

                  control valves and

                  power packs

    1.2      Pneumatics  

  1.2.1       Pneumatic cylinders

  1.2.2       Pressure intensifiers and air-oil


  1.2.3       Pneumatic motors

  1.2.4       Pneumatics working units

  1.2.5       Pneumatic valves

  1.2.6       Pneumatic equipment

  1.2.7       Complete pneumatic control

                  systems, including fluidic controls

  1.2.8        Compressed air preparation

  1.2.9        Pipes, hoses and connections


  1.2.10      Pneumatic apparatus, other

  1.2.11      Sealing devices and

                  accessories for pneumatics

  1.2.12      Pneumatic actuator drives

    1.3      Sealing technology  

  1.3.1       Squeeze seals (o-ring etc.)

  1.3.2       Rotating seals (rotary shaft seals)

  1.3.3       Reciprocating seals (piston and rod


  1.3.4       Seals of valve guide

  1.3.5       Mechanical seals

  1.3.6       Flexible graphite seals

  1.3.7        Flexible graphite sheets

  1.3.8        Other filler seals and

                  sealing materials

  1.3.9        Seal test rigs and

                  measuring instruments

  1.3.10      Special production

                  equipment for seals

  2             Mechanical transmission, parts and equipment
    2.1      Gears  

  2.1.1       Gears for cars and motorcycles

  2.1.2       Gears for construction machinery

  2.1.3       Gears for agricultural machinery

  2.1.4       Gears for aircraft, shipbuilding,railway

                 and metallurgy

  2.1.5       High-speed and heavy-duty gear


  2.1.6       Cylinder gear reducers

  2.1.7        Planetary gear reducers

  2.1.8        Epicyclic reducers

  2.1.9        Harmonic transmission reducer

  2.1.10      Worm reducer

  2.1.11      Electric drive-reducer sets

  2.1.12      Electric barrels

  2.1.13      Machine tools for gears

    2.2      Chain Transmission  

  2.2.1       Conveyor short pitch precision

                 roller chains

  2.2.2      Conveyor and transmission

                duplex pitch roller chains

  2.2.3      Heavy transmission duplex

                pitch roller chains

  2.2.4        Tooth chains

  2.2.5        Plate (leaf) chains

  2.2.6        Special and non-standard

                  transmission chains

  2.2.7        Sprocket-wheels

    2.3    Belt Transmission  

  2.3.1     Timing belts

  2.3.2     V-belts

  2.3.3     Flat belts

  2.3.4     Ribbed Belts

  2.3.5        Variable speed belt drives

  2.3.6        Pulleys

  2.3.7        Belt tensioners

    2.4   Couplings and Brakes  

  2.4.1    Couplings (rigid, flexible,safe)

  2.4.2    Universal joints

  2.4.3    Universal shafts

  2.4.4    Cam Mechanisms for the  

              Intermittent Motion

  2.4.5   Fluid coupling,fluid torque

  2.4.6        Clutches (electromagnetic,

                  friction, magnetic particle)

  2.4.7        Brakes and brake systems

  2.4.8        Locking assemblies, taper

                  bush, tapered adapters,

                  withdrawal adapters

    2.5  Fasteners  

  2.5.1   Standard bolts and nuts

  2.5.2   High strength bolts and nuts

  2.5.3   High precision bolts and nuts

  2.5.4   Non-standard fasteners

  2.5.5   Special property fasteners made

                  of stainless stell, titanium alloy 

                  or steel-plastic composite

                  materials etc

  2.5.6        Tapping screw and wall screw

    2.6  Springs  

  2.6.1    Spring steel

  2.6.2    Valve springs

  2.6.3    Hanging springs

  2.6.4    Diaphragm spring

  2.6.5    Dish springs

  2.6.6    Hot coiled springs

  2.6.7        High-temperature resistant


  2.6.8        Pre-stressed springs

  2.6.9        High-strength springs

  2.6.10      Camping and pull springs

  2.6.11      Air springs

    2.7  Metallurgical Products  

  2.7.1   Metal powders

  2.7.2   Parts

  2.7.3   Sintered metal powder filters

  2.7.4   Sintered friction materials

  2.7.5   Electric contact materials

  2.7.6   Diamond tools and cemented


  2.7.7        Magnetic materials

  2.7.8        Bi-metal materials and


  2.7.9        Cast iron

    2.8  Various Equipments and Measuring Instruments

  2.8.1   Pressing machines, cold upsetting

             machines,heading and rolling


  2.8.2   Gear processing equipment

             (hobbing machine, shaving

             machine, shaping machine, 

             honing machine grinding

             machine,  deburring machine,

             chamfering machine and CNC

  2.8.3   Machine tool & measure

             center for gear box

  2.8.4   Tools and dies

  2.8.5        Heat-treating furnace

  2.8.6        Specialised manufacturing

                  equipments for springs

  2.8.7        Specialised manufacturing

                  equipment and assembly

                  machines for chains

  2.8.8        Specialised manufacturing

                  equipments for semi finished

                  gear products

  2.8.9         Testing and measuring

                   instruments for chains,gears

                   and fasteners etc

  3         Bearings  
    3.1  Bearings and Related Components  

  3.1.1   Deep groove ball bearing

  3.1.2   Cylindrical roller bearing

  3.1.3   Double row spherical roller bearing

  3.1.4   Double row self-aligning ball bearing

  3.1.5   Needle roller bearing

  3.1.6   Angular contact ball bearing

  3.1.7   Thrust ball bearing

  3.1.8   Thrust roller bearing

  3.1.9   Tapered roller bearing

  3.1.10 Spherical outside surface ball


  3.1.11  Bearings with various special


  3.1.12       Bearings with various  purposes

  3.1.13       Bearings with various materials

  3.1.14       Bearings with various demands

  3.1.15       Bearing components such as

                   ring, steel ball, anti-dust shield,

                   seals and  cage

  3.1.16       Bearing-related parts such as

                   axel, sleeve and wheel

  3.1.17       Standard and nonstandard

                   industrial components and 

                   parts with various types,

                   material-based and technical


    3.2  Equipment for bearing production and machining

  3.2.1   Production line for semi-finished

             bearing, all kinds of pressing

             machine, cutting machine,

             precision impact extrusion

             equipment, etc.

  3.2.2   Heat treatment line

  3.2.3   Bearing grinder line or stand alone

  3.2.4   Cleanout and assembly line or

             single machines

  3.2.5   Detection instrument for all              

                   kinds of bearings

  3.2.6         Accessorial equipment such as

                   packing machines for bearings

  3.2.7         Relevant equipments and

                   instruments for the bearing

                   production and detecting

  3.2.8         Processing equipments and

                   detection  instruments for kinds

                   of bearing components such as

                   friction ball and retainer    

    3.3  Related equipments for bearings and accessories

  3.3.1   Kinds of materials and accessories

             used for bearing production such as,

             lubricant and antirustmaterials,

             grinding wheel, abrasive

                   material,cooling fluid, packing material,

                   corrector, diamond pencil and electric

                   spindle frequency converter, etc.

  4         Linear motion systems  

  4.1      Linear guides

  4.2      Linear motion drive elements / drive


  4.3            Linear motion systems

  4.4            Electromechanical actuators

  4.5            Multiple systems

  5         Electrical power transmission  

  5.1      Industrial motors of normal type

  5.2      Industrial motors of special type

  5.3      Servomotors         

  5.4      Small motors for general application (up

             to 750 W)           

  5.5      Small motors of special design (up to

             750 W)

  5.6      Frequency converters, current

             conversion equipment and 


  5.7            Electrical drive control


  5.8            Speed-regulated electric


  5.9            Electromagnetic equipment,


  5.10          Accessories and components for

                   electric motors

  6         Internal combustion engines and small gas turbines

  6.1      Otto engines  

  6.2      Otto gas engines    

  6.3      Diesel engines

  6.4      Diesel gas engines 

  6.5      Stirling motors      

  6.6      Multi-fuel engines  

  6.7      Rotary piston engines

  6.8      Engines for other fuels  

  6.9            Research and experimental


  6.10          Small gas turbines

  6.11          Power generating sets driven by

                   internal combustion engines

  6.12          Parts and Accessories for internal



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Tel: +86-21-5045 6700
Fax: +86-21-5045 9355
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Our business in China started from mid 1980’s. We organise and manage tradeshow-based marketing programs at Hannover events. In addition to event organization and management, we offer exhibition related services such as visa invitation, ticket / catalog selling, accommodations booking, transportation and stand construction.

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