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SIMP 2015 - 2015 Shenzhen International Metal Processing Industry Exhibition


2015 Shenzhen International Metal Processing Industry Exhibition

SIMP 2015

2015 Shenzhen International Metal Processing Industry Exhibition (SIMP 2015), organized by SZMA - Shenzhen Machinery Association, is to be staged at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC) from March 30 to April 2, 2015. 

The Features of Exhibition

Influence of the City Shenzhen
1. Through 30 years highly development, Shenzhen has flourished into the global center of China Manufacturing 
2. Adjoining to HK and linking mainland, Shenzhen is a city with the most many ports and also it's the only city with multi-ports including the sea,land,air port., all of these uniques make it convenient for those Hongkong foreign workers to visit Shenzhen.
3. Gathering the completed industry chains,nationwide purchasers and foreign compradors,Shenzhen and the neighbour areas are pregnant with the enormous market demands.

【Auto &Motorcycle Industry Chain】
Dongfeng Honda,GAC Toyota,Dongfeng Nissan,BYD Group(Pingshan,Baolong,Dayawan Industrial Park),GuangChuan,Auto parts of Dongfeng Honda,Musashi,China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation,Shenzhen Shipbuilding Industry,Hisibipowerboats,Tayomotor,Wuyang-Honda,etc.

【Communication &IT Industry Chain】
Foxconn (Shenzhen Guanlan &Longhua),Huawei,ZTE,IBM,Hasee,Lenovo,Emerson,Evoc Group,Samsung,etc.

【Household Appliance Industry Chain】

【Office Automation Industry Chain】

【Medical Machinery Industry Chain】
Siemens Magnetic Resonance,Mindray,Suzuken Mensei Medical Instrument,Olympus,Landwind,Sontu,Snibe,Well.D,Basda,Comen,General Meditech, Elite,Suntem,Bi-biomed, Health Lead,Bangjian,Blolight,Carewell,Andy,Kangtai,Guoteng,Probemedical,Edan,Maydear,Nabai,etc.

【Electric &Electron Industry Chain】
Fuji Electric, Sanyo Electric, Johnson Electric, Belton Technology,Coship,Casio,Laird Technologies, Nidec Technology, Panasonic Motor, Wanbao, CHNT, Vacsin, ASM microelectronic,Shinano Motor,Mobi-antenna,Hp,Omron,etc.

【Machinery(Equipment &processing) Manufacturing Industry Chain】
Wong’s Kong King, Flextronics, suneast, CIMC,Fong’s, hanslaser, Lkgroup, Chen Hsong,Yizumi,Daiichi, Hitachi,Fuji Elevator,Guangri,etc.

【Mould& Product Industry Chain】
Futabahk,LKM,Misumi,Assab,EVA, HISYM,KK Mold, Materials Magic,Mould Tip.Silvea Basis,EMP,JouDer,ShunHing Group, Vision Tool&Mold,kongnga,Lucky, CPM TOOL & DIE, Hip Fai , N.K.A,TK Group,Kunda,Changhong,ISEN, Talent Mold, Ace Mold,Kingdom,CB Group,JSW,Dongbei Special Steel Group…

The abundant data base of buyers deriving from market accumulation
The amount of visitors accumulated for13years constructs the enormous machinery sales market in south china.It shall brings surprise to you.

The SIMM annual meeting ,the special organiser
Shenzhen Machinery Association,the organiser,together with its more than one thousand of members,specially the YiHe Kongku,the president enterprise,organized and planed a series of activities,which were warmly welcomede by the members,the exhibitors and visitors.

The unique propagating---the interaction from the members,exhibitors and organiser
1. From the first session,we have been issuing the advertisements of the exhibiton and exhibitors at the exhibition ,which covers the main industries in the Pearl River Delta.
2. The practice of 13years have fully proved the efficient influence.
3. The interlinking websites between members of SIMM and the exhibitors expand the opportunity for mature visitors to contact the enterprises. 4. As the focused exhibition of global machine tool manufactures,SIMM has developed into the efficient medium for enterprises to expand South China market and strengthen the influence.


Scope of Exhibit

Metal Cutting Machine Tool
Lathe,milling,boring,drilling,grinding,sawing,machining centers(horizontal,vertical,gantry,multi-tasking machining centers),etc.
Forming Machine tool
Bending, stamping, shearing,stamping &shearing,elbow,wire and coil materials(preform)transmission equipments,etc.
Specialized Machine Tool and Special Equipment
Electric sparks(forming, cutting and micropore processing),electrolysis, laser cutting,carving machine/engraving& milling machines, etc.
Numerical Control Systems & Digital-Display Devices & Automation
NC Systems,private server drive devices,location detection systems (optical grating,magnetic grating, ball grating) etc.
Testing and Measurement Equipments
Coordinate measuring instrument,laser interferometers, various kinds of micrometer,block gauges/plug gauges/ring gauges,slabs/chips,surface roughness gauges,etc.
Machine Tool Parts and Auxiliary Parts
The main shaft,screw shaft,straight-line rails/electric motors,gear/ belt pulley,driving head, pneumatic/hydraulic parts,lubricant cooling systems,etc.


Name: SZMA - Shenzhen Machinery Association
Address: RM 1218, F12, Building A, Xinian Center, No., 6021, Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: +86-755-8345 8818 EXT 20
Fax: +86-755-8345 8918
Official Website: Click to Visit

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