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RA China 2014 - The 10th RA China Auto Salon


RA China 2014

The 10th RA China Auto Salon

RA China 2014 - The 10th RA China Auto Salon is China’s first high-end brand exhibition that is refitted automobile industry showcase as a core positioning. It will be held on Oct.11-13, 2014 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, China.

Founded in 2006, RA China Auto Salon (RA China) has become a brand exhibition with industry significance in the refitted automobile industry of China. Many large international refitted companies regard the RA China Auto Salon as a key manner of releasing products, looking for distributors and partners, improving brand image and expanding marketing.

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Exhibits Scope:
A. Completed Modification Work
1. Modified vehicles of all brands and types
2. Special designed and/or equipped vehicles from original manufacturers
3. Special equipped vehicles for racing sport (inclusive of F1, A1, Rally, 4-wheel Adventure, Endurance race)
4. Modified SUV and OFFROADS
5. Modified vehicles of sports, off-roads, functional types;
6. Modified vehicles for police dept, ambulance, post, security companies, fire brigade and etc.
7. Environment-friendly Auto technology (electric car and etc)

B.Tuning and Modification parts and Accessories
1. Dynamic System: Sparks, the spark plug, ignition coil, catalytic converter, the turbo-charger system (electron or machinery turbo-charged), turbo-charger, the inter cooler
2. Operation System: The shock absorber, the spring, the torsion-bar group, the pole guarded against lean, tire press examination system, brake system and brakes examination system, chair with safety device, the air bag
3. High performance tire, the wheel rim, etc.
4. Electric appliance and electronic system: GPS navigation system
5. Lighting system: LED, HID lamps and stabilizer, spot lights, accessorize lights, tip Lights
6. The body-kit(Front and Back bumper, Side shirt edge, Middle), Aerodynamic units
7. Video & Audio System: All kinds of audio, video and other multimedia system and equipments
8. Professional Off-road Equipment: Lean Prove Bars、Paddle Equipment、Capstans
9. High performance lubricants and lubricants additive
10. New products and accessories


Name: China Auto Brand Center (CABC)
Address: Room 236/237, 2/F, Kuche Factory, 2nd Phase of Kuche Town, No.1, West Jinchan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-6737 1117 / 6737 2886 / 5722 1911
Fax: +86-10-8572 5385
Official Website: Click to Visit

China Auto Brand Center(CABC) is a non-profit institution engaging in the research on the refitted auto industry of China. In addition, China Auto Brand Center(CABC) is closely linked to and cooperated with the international well-known refitted brands, which issues “Annual Market trend Report of China Recreation Vehicle and Racing Vehicle” and has a wide influence of authority on government departments, the press and refitted industry

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