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ICECREAM CHINA 2013 - The 16th China International Ice Cream Industry Exhibition 2013


The 16th China International Ice Cream Industry Exhibition 2013


ICECREAM CHINA 2013 - The 16th China International Ice Cream Industry Exhibition 2013, the most professional ice cream Industry show in China, even in Asia, also the best choice for frozen food industry, will be held from Oct. 15-17, 2013 at Tianjin International Exhibition Center.

China International Ice Cream Industry Exhibition (ICECREAM CHINA) is well known by both manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and raw materials in frozen food industy, it also a well-known professional expo and have a high reputation in China, even in Asia.

The exhibits of ICECREAM CHINA include advanced equipment manufacturing ice cream cold packing machinery, equipment, accessories and other raw ingredients tens of thousands of products, 40% of the exhibiting is new technologies and equipment, It is the industry's annual hot trading platform and there was also multi-topical technical lectures and siminar held at the same period.


Target visitors
Ice cream producers, Hotel purchasers, Restaurant owners, Wholesalers Hotel,Retailers, Distributors, End users etc


Product range
Manufacture furnishings for ice cream
equipment for ice cream and cold drinks, ice cream coagulating machines, popsicle machines, ice stick machines, cold drink machinery, purification equipment, fresh-keeping and refrigeration equipment, ice machines, auto cutting machine, set filler machine, ice cream pattern loader, margarine and butter quick freeze machines etc.

Packaging, Printing and Processing Facilities
Auto packaging machine for ice cream, moulds for products in wafer roll and ice cream egg rolls; eatable cup maker, crispy coating machine; assemble line for plastic cup and soft packaging, high efficient cup maker, compound soft packaging; plastic sealing and trademark printing, automatic coding machine, all kinds of disinfection machines, disinfection pot, high quality refining machine, gel grinder, wafer and sweet roll baking machine, machine for ice cream outer coating.

Flavors ,Fragrance ,additives and supplement
Specific herbs, Flavors and Fragrance for ice cream, compound dairy stabilizer for ice cream, natural coloring materials, diet coloring materials, sweetening substances, lactic acid bacteria, specialized & condensed milk essence, special ice cream protein powder & bean powder,other supplements include potato powder, malt essence, fresh cream, dried cheese element, primary dairy products, dairy purification powder, natural fruit powder, chocolate plate,coffee bean, coffee powder, coco fat substitute, nuts, dried fruit etc

Store and transportaiton equipement
refrigerator car , refrigerated store and freezing cabinet

New technology finished products
Ice cream,frozen food ,cold drink etc


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