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CSE 2013 - The 11th China Green Hospital Architectural Designs & Equipment (Shanghai) Expo


The 11th China Green Hospital Architectural Designs & Equipment (Shanghai) Expo

CSE 2013


The 11th China Green Hospital Architectural Designs & Equipment (Shanghai) Expo (CSE 2013), covers design and construction, new material applications, logistics management and core system projects and other general building program, organized by Dongmao Exhibition Service, is to be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC, Formerly Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion) during Sept.25-27, 2013. 

As a platform for purchasing by invitation to bid in government and health systems, 11th China Green Hospital Architectural Designs & Equipment (Shanghai) Expo (CSE 2013) will characterized with prfessional, forward-looking and authoritative specialities, and will be leading new trend of new medical technologies.


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Hospital Architecture and Planning at home and abroad:

Conceptual design, project management, construction logo, the core systems engineering (operating room, ICU, VIP ward, laboratory, central supply room, bio-engineering) and so the overall planning and design programs;

Hospital Intelligent Information Construction:

Building automation systems:fire alarm, access control, intelligent charging, parking management systems, IC card system;

Information management system (HIS): E-intercom system, called the number, surgical monitoring systems, query and ward management systems;

Hospital Building Products, Equipment & Technology:

ICU ward equipment, medical crane tower engineering, central supply room logistics and transport systems;

Bed facilities: including installation, power supply, lighting, attractive, call, oxygen, etc.;

Medical supply, oxygen supply, gas supply system: Dual power supply, emergency power, oxygen, attract gas, nitrogen, etc.;

Hospital communications, call, security system: Bedside calls, intercom, rescue command, monitoring alarms, etc.;

Clean operating room engineering system: clean rooms, air purification, infection control and sterilization system;

Hospital air purification and air-conditioning equipment: air handling units, decontamination units, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, vacuum cleaning systems;

Hospital decoration and decoration materials: a new ground-sheet, PVC flooring, automatic doors, anti-bacterial coating, curtain wall, ceiling;

Hospital identification, guidance system: signs, signs, lights, light sensing material, emergency evacuation identification channel;

Medical Office Furniture: Medical racks, refrigerated containers, medical vehicles, hospital office furniture design and manufacturing;

Imaging and lighting systems: medical imaging, radiation therapy, digital diagnostics, operating room light, lighting, lamps, etc.;

Washing equipment: ward cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, disinfection equipment, infection control and high-pressure sterilization equipment, etc.;

Medical Health cleaning appliances: Building Ceramic, disinfecting sinks, washbasins, stainless steel Medical Device, biological safety cabinets, etc.;

Ultra-pure water, water treatment systems: including surgery, dialysis, preparation of distilled water, ion-exchange water, filtered water, etc.;

Medical waste and waste disposal: noise control, waste incineration, waste disposal and transfer, etc.;

Digital Hospital and logistics management system:

Electronic medical records and patient information on IC card system (EMR), clinical management system (CIS), Clinical Laboratory System (LIS), an integrated hospital information management system (software and hardware), touch-screen information inquiry system, electronic bulletin board systems, computer workstations, etc. .


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