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The 6th Annual Ultra High-rise Building Summit 2013


The 6th Annual Ultra High-rise Building Summit 2013


The 6th Annual Ultra High-rise Building Summit 2013, organized by JFPS Group China, is to be held in Shanghai on Mar. 27-28, 2013.

The 6th Ultra High-rise Building Summit will give you a clear picture of the challenges and the trend the architects and developers are facing and a special focus under the theme of project design, green building, facade design and engineering, structure, MEP engineering, project investment, operation and management etc. Over 400 senior experts from architectural design institute, real estate developers and engineering consultant companies are expected to join the 6th summit.

As one of the inevitable economic models in the world, ultra high-rise building has made great impact on the development of the surroundings both in the solution of intensive population and land usage with its height record expected to fresh frequently. Even though the ultra high-rise building itself is not so economical, it brings a lot of economic benefits to the land surrounded and improves the regional value.

About Ultra High-rise Building Summit

Ultra High-rise Building Summit, firstly organized by JFPS Group, has already become one of the most influential and professional events of the world with the support of ECADI (East China Architectural Design and Research Institute), One of the China's top architectural design institutes!
More than 1400 senior executives whose titles are chief architect, chief engineer, managing director, general manager, technical director, project development director, BD/marketing director etc. from real estate developers, architectural design institutes, property & engineering consulting firms, building equipments and construction materials manufacturing companies have been attracted to attend this conference.
Over 150 top-level speakers from the US, Canada, Europe, UAE, Hong Kong, Tai Wan and Mainland China have been invited to share their experience in developing prospect, design concepts and engineering skills alternately with the introduction of high-rise projects they are taken.

Main Topics for the 6th Summit:

• Integration of Architectural Spirit and Urban Environment
• layout of the Business Circle:
   How to Make the Skyscrapers into an Organic System with the Surrounding Equipments
• Challenges for Façade Engineering and its Materials Selection
• Vertical Transportation: Elevator Layout and its Efficiency
• Influence and Analysis of Non-load Factors on the Structure Modification
• Shock Absorption Design and Anti-Seismic Deformation
• Technical Difficulties for Wind Load and the Evaluation of Wind Environment
• Possible Solutions for Fire Control and the Design of Refuge Floors


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Who should attend the 6th Annual Ultra High-rise Building Summit 2013?

Chairman / President / General Manager / Design Director / Manager of Design Department / Engineering Director / Manager of Engineering Department / Chief Engineer / Technology Director or Manager / Procurement Director or Manager / Investment Manager / Project Development Manager / Business Development Manager / Marketing Director or Manager / Sales Director or Manager…



• Architecture design institute
• General Contractor
• Building solution provider
• Building equipment provider
  - Elevator
  - Lighting
  - Fire safety / alarm / monitoring system
  - Air conditioner
  - Water Supply
  - Other equipments
• Real estate developer
• Property management firm
• Engineering consulting firm
• Construction materials
  - Curtain Wall/Glass/Walling Material
  - Roofing Material
  - Concrete and steel
  - Coating and bonding agent
  - Other materials



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