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The 6th IND China (Beijing) International Modern Grain And Oil Machinery Exhibition


The 6th IND China (Beijing) International Modern Grain

And Oil Machinery Exhibition

The 6th IND China (Beijing) International Modern Grain And Oil Machinery Exhibition will be held at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) during Nov.11-13, 2015 concurrently with

IEOE Expo 2015 - The 6th IEOE China (Beijing) International Edible Oil Industry Expo

INIE Expo 2015 - The 6th INIE China (Beijing) International Food & Beverage Industry Expo

IGPE 2015 - The 6th China (Beijing) International Grain Industry Expo - Modern Grain and Oil Machinery Exhibition


IND 2014 - 5th IND China (Beijing) Int‘l Cereals, Oils, Foodstuffs & Packaging Machinery Expo - Imported Equipment Exhibition


Name: Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Address: Room 1303-1306, Building 2, Phase 2, No.100, Jinyu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-6110 7296
Fax: +86-21-6219 4683
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Located in Yuzhou Jinqiao International—a business district in Pudong Area, Shanghai—Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Kunxiao Expo), is a subsidiary of Yonghong International.

Kunxiao Expo was born with competition with the support from Yonghong International headquarter. Since 2012, Kunxiao Expo had cooperated with Chinese Nutrition Society, Ministry of Health to hold the 3rd INOE China (Shanghai) International Edible Oil Industry Expo, the 3rd IND China (Shanghai) International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo, the 3rd INIE China (Shanghai) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo, and 2013 IGPE China (Shanghai) International Grain and Processing Industry Expo.

Yonghong International will make every effort to build excellent exhibitions, providing nothing but quality service. Your comments and suggestions will be more than appreciated!

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