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IND 2014 - 5th IND China (Beijing) Int‘l Cereals, Oils, Foodstuffs & Packaging Machinery Expo - Imported Equipment Exhibition


The 5th IND China (Beijing) International

Cereals, Oils, Foodstuffs & Packaging Machinery Expo - Imported Equipment Exhibition



The 5th IND China (Beijing) International Cereals, Oils, Foodstuffs & Packaging Machinery Expo - Imported Equipment Exhibition (IND 2014), with the expected exhibition total area of  13.000㎡, is organized by Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd, will be staged at China (Beijing) National Agriculture Exhibition Center (CNAEC) from Oct.26 to Oct.28, 2014. 


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Targeted visitors of IND 2014

A . Supporting application providers:
1.National and international edible oil industry manufacturers .
2.National and international food industry manufacturers ,processing units ,transportation , packaging , filling and other supporting units .
3. national level international food industry manufacturers and terminal processors .
4. National and international Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs reserve units

B.The purchasing trader:
1. China procurement, import and export traders, domestic dealers etc.
2.Oil machinery, food machinery, food machinery and packaging machinery industry, 3.Transport operators, international traders, brokers and  some others.

C. Other audiences:
1.Domestic edible oil and food industry, food industry manufacturers, production and processing base, the related technical personnel and senior managers in enterprises and so on.
2.Oil machinery, food machinery, food machinery and packaging machinery industry association, the provincial office in Beijing, the central enterprise trade union system, all levels of cadres activity center, colleges and scientific research unit.


Targeted exhibitors of IND 2014

1.Food processing machinery: drinks machinery, liquor processing machinery, dairy product machinery, filling machinery, ice cream equipment. Meat processing machinery, frying machine, canned product processing machinery. Fruit and vegetable machinery, candy, soy product machinery, leisure food machinery, agricultural product processing equipment. Water treatment equipment, transportation equipment, bakery equipment, sterilization equipment, testing equipment, drying equipment, refrigerated and fresh-keeping equipment, etc.

2. Packaging machinery, automatic packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, granules / powder automatic packaging machine, sewing machine, heat shrinkage film, sealing film, filling machine, wrapping machine, gowns cover packaging machine, strapping packaging machinery, composite soft package machinery, vessel manufacturing and molding equipment, capping machine, sealing machine, flexitank, plastic machinery and plastic bottle, glass bottle, bootleg cap, kinds of hoist, heap charter, automatic palletizer, belt conveyor, packaging machinery series(liquid, lump, scattered mitochondrial packaging machine), filling machine series ( liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particles filling machine), shrinking machine series, sealing machine series, coder machine series, inkjet printer series, baler machine series, labeling machine.

3. Grain machinery, rice, powder, food processing equipment, automatic vermicelli production line, noodle production line, flour machine, noodle equipment, rice grading sieve, feed ( meal ) shredder, wood silo, grain delivery machine, the fried instant noodle production line, cleaning sieve, circulating air separator, warehouse detection threshold, various models of cylindrical screen, electric sieve, cotton gin, grinding rolls, circulation fumigation system, ventilation unit, white rice polishing machine, efficient magnetic separator, grain dryer, rice milling equipment, rice featured machines, manual mill, extruder, rice mill, washing centrifugal sieve, grain & oil deep--processing equipment, grain and oil processing control technology machine.

4. Oil machinery: pressing machine, refind oil equipment, sets of leakage equipment, sets of salad oil equipment, heat oil control machine, measuring machine, oil sales machine, edible oil filter decolorization machine, steaming and frying pan, oil filter, to take off the soap machine, dehydrator, dryer, decolorizing pot, deodorization pot, hydrated pan, flaking machine, refining cans, decolorizing cans, deodorization cans, frame plate oil filter, match machine, mixing machine, centrifuge, shucking machine, crushing machine, steam boiler, round sieve, vibrating screen, flat sieve, destoner, evapo-separated machine, speed reduce machine, condenser, standing stranding cage, flat stranding cage, hoisting machine, scraper conveyor, electric integration equipment.

5. Packaging material and products: model equipment , film, Aluminum foil class, Foam plastic film, gummed tape, adhesive, packing belt, wood products, kinds of packagings, Special composite materials, fresh-keeping and prevention environment tableware, Pulp film plastic, etc.

6. Auxiliary production equipment, packaging machinery count categories, flasking, boxing, bottling, cleaning, drying, molding, capping, weighing, coding, printing, bearing, air compressor, timing belt, clutch, transmission equipment, aseptic packaging, and other specialty packaging materials, etc.

7. Food management and service system, food measuring machine, food project designing, testing equipment, cleaning technology, data management, etc.

8. Technology & the extension: packaging designing, advertising designing, brand promotion.

9. Social group, research units, college and universities, etc.


Name: Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Address: Room 1303-1306, Building 2, Phase 2, No.100, Jinyu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-6110 7296
Fax: +86-21-6219 4683
Official Website: Click to Visit

Located in Yuzhou Jinqiao International—a business district in Pudong Area, Shanghai—Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Kunxiao Expo), is a subsidiary of Yonghong International.

Kunxiao Expo was born with competition with the support from Yonghong International headquarter. Since 2012, Kunxiao Expo had cooperated with Chinese Nutrition Society, Ministry of Health to hold the 3rd INOE China (Shanghai) International Edible Oil Industry Expo, the 3rd IND China (Shanghai) International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo, the 3rd INIE China (Shanghai) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo, and 2013 IGPE China (Shanghai) International Grain and Processing Industry Expo.

Yonghong International will make every effort to build excellent exhibitions, providing nothing but quality service. Your comments and suggestions will be more than appreciated!

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