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IGPE 2014 - The 5th China (Beijing) International Grain Industry Expo - Modern Grain and Oil Machinery Exhibition


The 5th China (Beijing) International

Grain Industry Expo - Modern Grain and Oil Machinery Exhibition

IGPE 2014



Nowadays, China’s grain industry is experiencing an important period where the grain economic growth is changing heavily, a period of grain industry structure adjustment and grain circulation development. Based on this backgournd, Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd will hold the 5th China (Beijing) International Grain Industry Expo - Modern Grain and Oil Machinery Exhibition (IGPE 2014) at China (Beijing) National Agriculture Exhibition Center (CNAEC) during Oct.26-28, 2014. 

The 5th China (Beijing) International Grain Industry Expo - Modern Grain and Oil Machinery Exhibition (IGPE 2014) aims to help related professionals to improve the industry development, activate commodity economy, and promote the industry structure adjustment. 


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Visitor Resource
A. Grain and oil industry dealers and agents:
1. The strength and terminal sales network of dealers, agents, distributors, distributors, distribution companies and high-end edible oil for the center.
2. Grain and oil distribution unit at the provincial level and provincial cities dealers, agents grain and oil industry.

B. Purchasing trader:
1. The veteran Bureau under the municipal authorities of the organs veteran Bureau of Beijing, Shanghai , Beijing Shanghai Force retired cadres and people in charge of the Beijing - Shanghai Forces Logistics procurement and so on.
2. Purchaser, import and export trade with China suppliers, domestic dealers, groupon, etc.
3. Grain and oil wholesale market, large comprehensive business super, grain and green food chains and chain operation counters, community supermarkets and convenience stores, etc.
4. Health food marketing center, comprehensive pharmacy and health food products direct selling companies, etc.
5. 4 star hotel, restaurant, hotel, major clubs, resorts, etc.

C.Other audiences:
1. Grain and oil producers at home and abroad, production and processing base, related enterprises and technical personnel and senior managers, etc.
2. Grain and oil and food related industry association, the various provinces and cities in Beijing, based in Shanghai office, the central enterprises, Shanghai trade union system, retired cadres center at all levels, universities and scientific research institutions at all levels.
3. The advertising industry and media, etc.


Exhibit Scope:
1.Grain: wheat, flour, rice, maize, coarse cereals grains other than wheat and rice, imported grains

2.Organic grain: organic grain, organic rice, organic coarse cereals, selected seeds

3.Nutrition grain products: nutrition flour products; nutrition rice products; nutrition coin products; nutrition soybean products; sweet potato, potato and others nutrition products; nutrition coarse cereals products; grain convenient food; grain nutrition soup ingredient products; grain sweet food product; woody grain products such as Chinese chestnut; grain syrup, juice and milk products; grain baking products; grain fast food, sweet food; fried, preserved fast grain products; complex nutrition grain products; imported grain products; health food, frozen food, snack, local and native food relevant to grain and oil products; etc.

4.Grain product with “China top brands”, “green food”, “trustworthy food” etc.5. Grain candy such as flour candy, corn candy, etc.

5.Grain oil and its products.

6..Grain machinery: rice, flour, food processing machinery; starch sheet automatic production line, fine dried noodles production line, roll pastry machine, noodle equipment, white rice grading sieve, feed ( meal ) shredder, wood silo, grain delivery machine, fried instant noodle production line, cleaning sieve, circulating air separator, warehouse detection threshold, various models of cylindrical screen, electric sieve, cotton gin, grinding rolls, circulation fumigation system, ventilation system, white rice polishing machine, efficient magnetic separator, grain dryer, rice milling equipment, rice featured machines, pulverizer, bulking machine, washing centrifugal sieve, grain & oil deep-processing equipment, grain and oil processing control technology machine.

7..Grain & oil deep-processing technology and warehouse logistics: wheat, corn, soybean, coarse cereals deep-processing technology, resources transformation and integration utilization technique; grain & oil processing by product integration utilization technique; grain feed efficient utilization and green feed processing technology; grain storage, transportation, loading and unloading equipment; modern grain logistics programming; grain depot management information system; grain storage technology and equipment; agricultural machinery and equipment; etc.

8.Grain food production and processing technology and equipment. 


Name: Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Address: Room 1303-1306, Building 2, Phase 2, No.100, Jinyu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-6110 7296
Fax: +86-21-6219 4683
Official Website: Click to Visit

Located in Yuzhou Jinqiao International—a business district in Pudong Area, Shanghai—Yonghong International Kunxiao Expo (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Kunxiao Expo), is a subsidiary of Yonghong International.

Kunxiao Expo was born with competition with the support from Yonghong International headquarter. Since 2012, Kunxiao Expo had cooperated with Chinese Nutrition Society, Ministry of Health to hold the 3rd INOE China (Shanghai) International Edible Oil Industry Expo, the 3rd IND China (Shanghai) International Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Machinery and Packaging Machinery Expo, the 3rd INIE China (Shanghai) International Nutrition Food & Health Food Industry Expo, and 2013 IGPE China (Shanghai) International Grain and Processing Industry Expo.

Yonghong International will make every effort to build excellent exhibitions, providing nothing but quality service. Your comments and suggestions will be more than appreciated!

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