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IF China 2014 - The 3rd China International Import Food Exposition


IF China 2014

The 3rd China International Import Food Exposition

IF China 2014 - The 3rd China International Import Food Exposition,2014年中国国际进口食品博览会

As China's first national professional import food exposition and the annual world conference on import food trade, IF China 2014 - The 3rd China International Import Food Exposition is to be staged at China (Beijing) National Agriculture Exhibition Center (CNAEC) during April 8-10, 2014.

China International Import Food Exposition (IF China) will showcase the world’s high quality food. It is an indicator of import food industry development, and also a direct marketing platform and opportunity for import food to enter Chinese market, which is bound to set off a new round of investment, reproduce the wealth legend of the Chinese professional market!

The previous China International Import Food Exposition (IF China 2013) attracted 19000 professional audiences and over 400 high-quality brands from 45 countries around the world to attend, it witnessed the development trend of the import food in China.


The enormous Purchaser Database enables us to invite professional units with purchasing capacity purposefully, and our audiences are throughout the first-class and secondary cities, including such purchasers as : major business super markets, stores, traders, distributors, agents, wholesalers, cafes, bars, clubs, large chain hotels, catering company, five-star hotels, resorts, No 1 shops, Jingdong Mall and Mall Day cats, embassies in China, as well as professional purchasers cooperating with various industrial associations or co-organizers.


【Purchase and exhibits scope】

•sweet food and leisure food            •fruit juice and soft drinks    

•wine and spirits, beer                 •dairy products and milk   

•olive oil and edible oil, meat products    •Ice cream and equipment  

•refrigerated and frozen food            •tea, coffee and honey    

•condiments and jam                  •baking and baking products   

•aquatic products and seafood           •mineral water and high-end drinks 

•chocolate, candy, pastry and bread       •alcoholic beverages

•pasta/flour products                   •health and functional food

•nuts and beans products                •fruit products and salted products 

•equipment, packaging and processing technology


Name: Beixing International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 225, block B, Jin Yu Ke Le Building, Shuangqiao, Chaoyang district, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-5706 3712
Fax: +86-10-6547 9323

Beixing International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd  is an expert engaged in the professional exhibition hosting, management and consulting which hold all kinds of professional and public exhibition in Beijing and across China. As early as 2008 we held the first exhibition in China, and then hosted more than 10 exhibitions in China these year. The exhibition  experience over several years in this industry in China brings us large achievements of our company and exercises our staff, we host the professional exhibitions for international companies in China  with our good professional skills and customer contact. High quality is always the symbol of Beixing international(Beijing) exhibition Co., LTD, and the top quality of the exhibition, the market's top exhibitors ,visitors and buyers, especially the high quality of our service help companies develop new China market and plan product sales.

The field of food industry the exhibition involved is as follows:imported food, organic food, catering food, etc.

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