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IEEV CHINA 2018 - 2018 China International Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition



2018 China International

Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition

About the trade fair in China

IEEV CHINA 2018 - 2018 China International Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition will be staged during Oct.18-21, 2018 at China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing.

As the benchmark trade show of new energy automobile industry in China2018 China International Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles Exhibition (IEEV CHINA 2018) will be the display platform for energy-efficient automobile industry in China.

Concurrently with
2018 Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Development Plan Achievement Report Exhibition
China International Technology Symposium and Exhibition on Hybrid & Pure Electric Vehicles and Key Components 2018
China International Exhibition on New Energy Automobile and Technology Application 2018


IEEV CHINA 2018 will invite professors, experts, researchers, automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, college teachers, automobile designers, purchasing managers, distributors, driving school trainees, bus companies, car rental companies, travel companies, government officials, relevant association members, medias and all kinds of organizations in automobile industry.


Exhibits Category
Fuel-efficient cars:

Gasoline, diesel vehicles adopted internal combustion engine as the primary power system, which comprehensive operating status fuel consumption superior to the next stage of the target

Vehicles adopted advanced engine, efficient transmissions and other energy-saving technologies & products, new materials, lightweight design and green manufacturing in their research and development, manufacturing and use during the whole industry chain and life cycle.

Compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other natural gas vehicles

Methanol-fueled cars, ethanol car, methoxy methane cars and other alternative fuel cars HEV (including petrol-electric hybrid, gas-electric hybrid, etc.)

New Energy Cars:   
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (BEV, including solar cars)

Fuel cell vehicles (FCEV), hydrogen engine vehicles, air vehicles, magnetic electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles

Environment-Protecting Automobiles:
Vehicle models whose in-car air quality has met the standard
Vehicles models whose exhaust emission has met the standard

Parts category:
Engines, efficient transmissions, lightweight materials, vehicle optimization design, hybrid and other energy-saving technologies products
Batteries, motors, electronic control and other core components and advanced technologies

Charging facilities:
Charging piles, chargers, power distribution cabinets, rechargeable batteries and battery management systems, parking charging facilities, intelligent monitors, charging station powered solutions, charging   station-smart grid solutions, etc.


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