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2016 The 6th Guangzhou International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition


2016 The 6th Guangzhou 

International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition

Concurrently with
2016 The 3rd Guangzhou International Motorcycle and Parts Exhibition
2016 The 2nd Guangzhou International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition

2016 The 6th Guangzhou International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition will be staged during Oct.15-17, 2016 at Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC). The organizer is Guangzhou Lejia exhibition & Planning co,. Ltd.

At lasr version, 2015 The 5th Guangzhou International Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Exhibition attracted about 25,000 people take part in the show, which had 15% growth than 2015. Visitors were from all over the world, including HONGKONG, MACAO, TAIWAN, AMERICA, JAPAN, TheUK, FRANCE, ITALY, KOREA, PHILIPPINES, INDIA, INDONESIA, CAMBODIA, MALAYSIA, VIETNAM, THAILAND, RUSSIA, IRAN, PAKISTAN, EGYPT, TURKEY, the MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA, etc.


Exhibits Scope:
Bicycle:  High-grade bicycle, mountain bike, senior leisure car, sports car, baby stroller, car, folding bike, scooter etc.;
Electric Vehicle:  two wheeled vehicle, light lithium trams, balanced vehicle, wheelbarrows, solar electric vehicle, electric motorcycle, electric three wheeled tricycle, moped;
Pure Electric Vehicles: new energy cars, sightseeing cars, golf carts, recreational vehicle, electric cleaner, electric vans.
Parts: motor, plastic, controller, charger, instrumentation, lithium batteries, Lead-acid battery ,frame, tires, car lock, shock absorber, front fork of the bicycle saddle, riding equipment, helmet, sports wear, sports shoes, bags, glasses, tools, test, equipment, materials and technology, relevant media.


Name: Guangzhou Lejia exhibition & Planning co,. Ltd
Address: Zhongshan avenue, Chebei Dagang Road, NO.4, Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-20-2916 6728
Fax: +86-20-2916 6729
Official Website: Click to Visit

Guangzhou LeJia exhibition & Planning co,. Ltd is a professional business services company approved by government which undertakes to organize and hold many kinds of exhibitions and seminars . Our company have rich experience to organize all kinds of large and medium-sized exhibitions,which is able to independently complete the whole process of the exhibition.

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