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CIPPE 2016 Shanghai - The 8th China (Shanghai) Int'l Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition


CIPPE 2016 Shanghai

The 8th China (Shanghai) International

Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

CIPPE 2016 Shanghai - The 8th China (Shanghai) Int'l Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be staged during Aug.23-25, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

CIPPE Shanghai is the largest petrochemical trade show in Asia. Last year, CIPPE 2015 Shanghai attracted 520 enterprises from 52 countries and regions including USA, Germany, Italy , Russia, France, Japan, Singapore, Canada etc. The exhibition area exceeded 38,000 Square meters.

At the same time, CIPPE 2015 Shanghai has attracts both domestic and overseas buyer groups, including Shell, Exxon Mobil, Total, ConocoPhillips, Statoil, Petrobras, Yanchang Group, SHENGLI Oilfield, ZHEJIANG Oilfield, Shanghai Petrochemical, Takahashi petrochemical, ZRCC, GWDC, Bohai Drilling, COSL, Wison Engineering, Qilu Petrochemical, CPOE , Shanghai Offshore Oil Bureau, etc.


(These profiles are not exhaustive and are meant to be a guide)
• Approval, Testing & Inspection Services
• Chemical Processing
• Distributor/ Manufacturers' Representative
• Drilling
• Education & Training
• Engineering, Construction & Contracting Services
• Environmental Control Services
• Financial Services
• Geological & Seismic Services
• Government
• Integrated Oil Company
• LNG/ Petrochemical Plant
• National Oil Company
• Oil & Gas Exploration
• Oil & Gas Processing/ Refinery
• Oilfield Operators
• Pipeline Operation
• Process Engineering
• Project Consultancy
• Repair Services
• Rig Fabricator & Operator
• Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
• Trade Association
• Transportation, Storage & Handling 


Exhibits Scope
■ Complete sets of equipment and equipment for petroleum and chemical industry
■ Sealing equipment and accessories
■ Techniques and equipment for oil refining
■ Heat transfer, refrigeration and ventilation equipment
■ PLC, DCS control system
■ Environmental protection, energy saving equipment
■ Petrochemical Technology and technology
■ Separation, drying, crushing and mixing equipment
■ Fluid machinery technology and equipment
■ Industrial cleaning and corrosion protection technology materials and equipment
■ Industrial explosion protection products
■ Environmental protection in chemical process
■ Storage and transportation, transportation equipment and packaging technology
■ New technology and new equipment of clean production in chemical industry
■ Automation technology and equipment, instrument and meter
■ Water treatment and sewage treatment
■ Petrochemical products and advanced materials
■ Industrial waste gas recovery and control technology and equipment
■ Petroleum and petrochemical research and laboratory technology equipment
■ Industrial smoke and dust control technology and equipment
■ Communication and information systems, electronic commerce
■ Indoor air purification
■ Electrical and electric equipment, electric wire and cable products
■ Solid waste treatment equipment
■ Sales system and facilities (gas, filling station equipment)
■ Industrial cleaning and other production processes, emission reduction technologies and equipment
■ Equipment maintenance, maintenance and management
■ Chemical waste residue treatment and resource utilization
■ Process and technology of oil refining
■ Industrial wastewater treatment technology and equipment
■ Fuel and lubricating oil technology and equipment
■ Chemical water treatment technology and equipment
■ Generator set and power machinery equipment
■ Integrated water treatment technology solutions
■ Oil and gas recovery technology and equipment
■ Fire alarm equipment industrial safety and labor protection supplies
■ Boiler pressure vessel equipment
■ Technology and equipment for oil and gas pipeline construction
■ Auxiliary and other equipment


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