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2016 Taipei International Mechanical Technology & Equipment Exhibition


2016 Taipei International

Mechanical Technology & Equipment Exhibition

Concurrently with
TMDIF 2016
Automation 2016
Logistics Taiwan 2016

About the trade fair in China

2016 Taipei International Mechanical Technology & Equipment Exhibition will be staged from Aug.31 to Sep.3, 2016 at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (TWTC Nangang).

Mechanic & Electronic is a new skill combined by machinery and electron, and the skill in the new age of “Mechanical Technology”, belongs to a diverse domain. 


Exhibits Scope
Mechanical Equipment components

Distribution Equipment:
Lsolator, Various types Switches, Switchgear, Variable-frequency Drive, ATS automatic switch device, Thermocouples, Polyswitch, Magnetic, Control panel & Distributor, Mechanical Equipment Relays, Adaptor, UPS.
Electrician class Equipment:
Electric Wire & Cable, Electric Cable Accessories, Junction Box, Instrument Piping&pipe layout, Electrical material, Industrial used heating coil.

Heavy Electrical Equipment
Alternator Electrical Equipment:

Emergency generator equipment, Wind turbines, water turbing generator, gasoline and diesel engine generators, an electric welding machine, air compressor, ceramic-type catalytic converter, water heaters, converters, transformers and parts, gear, motor and parts thereof, to receive, voltage regulators, voltage regulators, uninterruptible power supply.
Elevator Electrical:
Elevator, Elevator control device, Reducer, Variable speed governor, Car Elevator, Elevator spare part.

Central air conditioning Mechanical Equipment
Refrigerates Mechanical Equipment:

Box-type air conditioner, Chiller, Dehumidifier wheel, whole heat exchanger, heat exchange, Heat pump, Ice machine, Ultra-low temperature refrigeration equipment, Industrial Refrigeration Equipment, All kinds of air-conditioning.
Dustlessness Room Mechanical Equipment:
Clean Booth, Air Filter, Air filter accessories, Dust Collector, Vacuum Cleaners, ventilation system, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Central dust collection system equipment.
Refrigeration and air conditioning systems and components:
Driven parts (brake) , Heat exchanger, Cooling coil dehumidification, Evaporator, Condenser, Driving fluid, Refrigerant machine, Inductor, Temperature Controllers, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, All kinds of Windmill Fan, Dust collection equipment&Drying, Fire smoke extraction equipment, All kinds of industrial fan.

Monitoring system equipment
Building monitoring and communication system:

Traffic monitoring the main computer, LAN.
Public Fire Mechanical and Electrical Equipment:
Carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors all, LED power lights, fire sensor, gas sensor, Plus smoke tester, Heat Tester, Plus Smoke Tester, Smoke Detector Tester, Emergency lighting detector.
Environment Quality Monitor:
All kinds Environment and Security detectors, Toxic gases, fire, environmental information display boards.
Lighting attachment:
Industrial Engineering Lighting, Commercial use Lighting, Various Rectifier, Stabilizer, Dimmer.

Pump, Valve, Pipe fitting Mechanical
Pump, Water pump, Centrifugal pump, Vacuum pump, Pressure Machine, Industrial Vacuum Components, Water supply equipment, All kinds of fans, Various types of compressors and parts, pipes, fittings, valves, insulation materials.


Name: Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
Address: 3F, No.185, Kangchien Road,Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2659 6000
Fax: +886-2-2659 7000
Official Website: Click to Visit

Chan Chao International Enterprise Group was founded in October, 1985 and is the first civil professional exhibition corporation. We are engaged in organizing large-scale international exhibitions and conferences, publishing exhibition magazine and CD-title, deputizing digital online exhibition.

Chan Chao International do not limit ourselves as a regional exhibition company, cause our effects, the company are well organized and vigorous developing to a global enterprise. From 1990, Chan Chao started expanding overseas business, besides transfer-investing into Es Mass Communication (M) Sdn. Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd.. in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, we are also closely alliance with the Paper Communication Exhibition Services in Hong Kong. Gradually we cooperated to organize more than 10 machinery exhibitions in the eastern-south Asia and many cities in China. Year after year, we have not only obtained official or general sales agent for many events in 38 countries, but also built a strong partner relationship.

Due to the economic growth in Vietnam, since 2001, Chan Chao has organized various International professional standard machinery exhibitions including, Textile machines, Sewing machines, woodworking machineries, automation machineries, plastic/rubber machineries, Packaging machineries, Foodtech machineries, Electronics, Car accessories, Spa, and environmental protection machineries; to create a better customer relationship, in the September of 2001, Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd. was established in Ho Chi Minh City to get a closer contact with our oversea visitors/exhibitors.

To better comply with the ever-changing economy and market transition in globalization, Chan Chao has been proactively dedicated ourselves in the markets of developing countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia these years. We expect to explaore more potential markets and business opportunities for our customers.

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