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SE China 2016 - China Shanghai International Sorting Equipment and Technology Exhibition


SE China 2016

China Shanghai International

Sorting Equipment and Technology Exhibition

As the largest, most popular and authoritative sorting application industry exhibition in ChinaSE China 2016 - China Shanghai International Sorting Equipment and Technology Exhibition is to be held during Mar.16-18, 2016 at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC), China.

In order to promote the development of the sorting application industry and provide the platform for trading, procurement and brand showcase, China Shanghai International Sorting Equipment and Technology Exhibition (SE China 2016) will display latest products to help end users to get out of the delemma of poor productivity, rising labor costs, the plight of the poor competiveness and support companies to upgrade and increase the enterprises' core competiveness and sustainble development.

At the same time, exhibitors of SE China 2016 will introduce to visitors the famous domestic and international sorting technology increase procudtivity case, to share the high-end achieved results of their application after promoting sorting machinery and equipment.


Exhibits Scope
Visual Identification Detection Sorting Products And Technology
optical identification detection and sorting technology, color recognition and sorting machines, machine vision detection and identification, X-ray detection identification, etc.
Sorting Systems and Robot
sorting equipment, automatic sorting machines, sorting robots, sorting management, sensors, machine vision systems, industrial cameras, image processing, etc.
Magnetic Separation Technology And Products
magnetic drum, non-ferrous separator, electromagnetic separator, electromagnetic filter, electrostatic separator, metal detector, drum seprator, magnetic separator, etc.
Screening Machinery Product And Technology
screening machines, vibrating screen, screening pre-treatment equipment (including material crushing, grinding), material handling transmission equipment, screening machinery parts, screens, vibrating motor, damping spring, etc.
Air Flow Crushing Convey Sorting Products And Technology
air classifier, winnowing machine, air grinder, powder pneumatic conveying equipment, etc.
Weight Recognition Detection Classification Products And Technology
checkweigher, weight testing machine, weight sorting machine, load cell, weighing display control and related instrumentation, etc.
Other Sorting Classification Equipment And Technology


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