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CIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Forging Industry Expo 2015


CIFE 2015

The 11th China (Beijing) International Forging Industry Expo 2015

Concurrently with:

CIMIE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 2015,

About the trade show in China

Organized by Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd.CIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Forging Industry Expo 2015 will take place in conjunction with CIMIE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 2015CIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Foundry Industry Exhibition 2015CIFE 2015 - The 11th China (Beijing) International Die Casting Exhibition 2015CIIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Industrial Furnace Expo 2015CIIFE 2015 – The 11th China (Beijing) International Refractories Expo 2015CIHTE 2015 - The 11th China (Beijing) International Heat Treatment Expo 2015CIFEE 2015 – The 2nd China (Beijing) International Fluid Equipment Expo 2015 and CITE 2015 - The 11th China (Beijing) International Tube & Pipe Expo 2015 during September 8-10, 2015 at China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing, China. 

Serve as a best platform for new product launching, trade negotiation, and a network for communication among enterprises, scientific research institutions and government organizations, as an irreplaceable platform, CIFE 2015 has become a driving force for healthy growth of forging industry.
CIFE 2015 will be expected to attract over 10 thousands professional visitors and draw hundreds of international brands of forging industry to compete, share and learn.


Exhibits Scope of CIFE 2015:
▼ Forgings:
1, automobile, motorcycle, agricultural vehicle; 2, construction machinery and equipment; 3, lifting & transport machinery; 4, farm machinery; 5, rail vehicles; 6, mining equipment; 7, smelting equipment; 8, power generating equipment; 9, petrochemical equipment; 10, aviation and aerospace equipment; 11, military products; 12, shipbuilding; 13, machine tools, forging equipment, tools; 14, general machinery; 15, basic parts; 16, light industry machinery; 17, hardware; 18, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, pharmaceutical packing machinery etc.
▼ Forging equipments and accessories:
1, automatic control; 2, forging mold manufacturing technology & equipment; 3, industrial furnaces, kilns and energy-saving technology used for forging production; 4,testing equipment & detecting instrument; 5,auxiliary forging equipment; 6,forging materials; 7,protection products.
1, trader, import & export services; 2, ISO / QS 9000 certification, CAD, CAM; 3, Consulting service and industry organizations etc.


Name: Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: C-1709 Wanda Plaza, Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District , Beijing, China
Tel: +86-10-6865 9226 / 6865 9227
Fax: +86-10-8868 0811
Official Website: Click to Visit

Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd, as one of the world's leading event organizer, its core business is holding leading international exhibitions in certain cities like Beijing and Shanghai in China. Since its establishment, Hiven Expo has experienced an 8-year growth with a group of highly specialized and experienced employees.

As well the strict professional exhibition management helps Hiven Expo provides their customers with special and specific service all the way, and make a reliable quality assurance in a reasonable price. The range of application for now includes fields of Iron and steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, electric power, machinery, building materials, household and other fields.

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