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Broadband Taiwan 2011


Broadband Taiwan 2011



Since 1974, TAITRONICS has grown into a renowned B2B trade show for specialized electronic components, LED, test & measurement, electronic manufacturing & processing equipment in Taiwan, today’s most significant Hi-Tech production and R&D center.

A Once a Year “Get-together” of Taiwan's IT Professionals
.TAITRONICS is a must-attend event for Taiwan’s top caliber IT professionals who are among the world’s leaders in electronics and IT products.
In 2009, 850 exhibitors using 1,728 booths (15,552 sqm) at TAITRONICS, attracted 50,822 domestic and international buyers to source, browse, and make procurement decisions. This is a great opportunity to meet, network and forge business alliances with industry key players from Taiwan!
Asia’s Leading Electronic Sourcing Platform
In 2010, TAITRONICS will feature 11 exhibit categories; including 2 new hot topics “Flexible Electronics” and “Cells, Batteries & Power Supplies.”
TAITRONICS will be co-located with Taiwan RFID and Broadband Taiwantogether this 3-in-1 mega showcase will bring on the most comprehensive product range to buyers worldwide.
Gateway to China-Asian Market
Taiwan is the ultimate gateway to enter the China-Asian market, from the perspective of long term business ties & alliances, as well as the cultural and language similarities between the two markets.
China and Hong Kong account 2 of the top 3 visitor country/region of TAITRONICS every year, because buyers from the World’s Factory know where to look for latest invents & top quality electronic products.
Meanwhile there are 270 regular direct flights between Taiwan and 21 major cities in China including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Dalian, fast & easy than ever!
Being an Exhibitor at TAITRONICS, You Will Have…
Free promotion package through TAITRONICS official directory, brochure, eDM, e-News Letter, website and a great variety of advertisement channels in Chinese, English and Japanese.
One-on-One Procurement Meetings, the organizer will assist you to pinpoint the exact buyer that you are looking for.

Event Contacts



• TEL: +866-2-27255200
• Website:
• Show Manager: Patty Lin (ext2621)
• PR Manager: Joseph Wu (ext2628)


• Communication Components & • Wireless Equipment 
• Cloud Computing • Testing Services


Name: Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
Address: 5-7 Fl., 333 Keelung Rd., Section 1, Taipei 11012, TAIWAN
Tel: +886 2 2725 5200
Fax: +886 2 2757 6245
Official Website: Click to Visit

Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations, TAITRA assists Taiwan businesses and manufacturers with reinforcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets.

Differences between TAITRA and the International Trade Association of the ROC

I. To clarify confusion between TAITRA with the International Trade Association of the Republic of China, we have listed chief areas of function and structure where the two organizations differ:

1. Attribute: TAITRA is a non-profit trade promotion organization jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, industry associations, and several commercial organizations while the International Trade Association of the Republic of China is a private civic organization.

2. Organization: TAITRA’s board of directors consists of representatives from government authorities, special members assigned by the government and members from industry associations. Government and industry associations are directly involved in TAITRA’s operation while the International Trade Association of the Republic of China is a private civic organization composed of individual members, and government or industry associations are not involved in its operations.

3. Function: TAITRA functions under the supervision of government authorities, legislative institutes and industry associations. Its annual budget is within the fiscal budget plan of government in accordance with the budget law which is examined by the Legislative Yuan. Such accountability dictates that TAITRA have a comprehensive management and supervisory system, while the International Trade Association of the Republic of China is a private civic organization whose management and supervisory systems greatly vary.


II. In order not to confuse TAITRA with International Trade Association of the Republic of China and to protect the clients of TAITRA clients, please note:

1. TAITRA believes that the “Client Comes First” and as such treats clients with respect and sincerity. Our staff attempt to let clients understand the service function of TAITRA and provide related information. We refrain from overly aggressive or rude actions to rush clients into signing contracts or make payment.

2. For details of TAITRA’s activities, click


III. For more information, do not hesitate to contact TAITRA headquarters or its four local branch offices in Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung and Hsinchu.

  • Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
    Address: 5-7 Fl., 333 Keelung Rd., Section 1, Taipei 11012, TAIWAN
    Tel: +886-2-725-5200

  • Taichung Office
    Address: 1-4 Fl., 260 Ying-Tsai Rd. Taichung 404, TAIWAN
    Tel: +886-4-2203-5933

  • Tainan Office
    Address: 15 FL., 457 Cheng-Kong Rd, Tainan 703, TAIWAN
    Tel: +883-6-229-6623

  • Kaohsiung Office
    Address: 4-5 Fl., 28 Min-Chuan 1st Rd, Kaohsiung 802, TAIWAN
    Tel: +886-7-336-3113

  • Hsinchu Office
    Address: 6 Fl., 287, Guang-Fu Rd, Sec 2, Hsinchu 300, TAIWAN
    Tel: +886-3-516-3333

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