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AgriEquip 2015 - China International Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2015


AgriEquip 2015

China International

Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2015

Fair Ended! Visit International Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2015 (Dec) For Next AgriEquip.

About the trade show in China

AgriEquip 2015 - China International Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition 2015 which is organized by Agriculture & Animal Husbandry will take place in conjunction with iFloral 2015 ModernAgri Expo 2015DigitalAgri 2015 SeedTec 2015IrrigationTec 2015GardenTec 2015AgriAviation 2015and AgriChem 2015 during May 27-29, 2015 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC, Formerly Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion), China.

China International Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition is a Modern Agricultural professional show which aims at furthering the technology cooperation and trade development in agri-equipment filed to focus on kinds of agricultural equipment/machineries & components and parts. 
Showing the latest technology & products, AgriEquip 2015  will not only bring together enterprises and experts related with the agricultural equipment sector from all around the world and offer them a perfect platform to network with each other, but also provide a high quality platform for information exchange and trade cooperation in agricultural equipment field. 

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AgriEquip 2014 - 2014 China International Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition


 Exhibition Scope of AgriEquip 2015 :
 Power Machinery (Tractor, Internal Combustion Engine, Internal Combustion Engine-Generator Sets);
 Mechanical Tillage (Conservation Tillage Machineries, etc.);
 Fertilizer Plant Machineries (Sowing Machineries, Seedling Equipment);
 Field Management Machineries Micro Farming Machine,); Garden Machineries (Brush Breaker, Cropper, etc.);
 Plant Protection Machineries; Mechanical Facilities of Irrigation and Drainage;
 Harvesting Machineries (Grain HarvestingMachineries, Corn Harvesting, Machineries, Forage Crop Harvesting
 Machineries, Stalk Collecting and Processing Machineries, etc. ); Post-Harvest Processing Machineries (Drying Machines, etc.);
 Grain & Oil & Agro-Food Processing Machineries, Fruit & Vegetable Deep-Processing Machineries, Preservation & Transport & Storage  Equipment/Devices;
 Agricultural Transportation Machineries (Transportation Machines; Loading Machines, etc.);
 Rural Renewable Energy Utilization Equipment (Biomass Energy Equipment, etc.);
 Farmland Basic Construction Machineries (Bulldozing, Ditching, Excavating Machineries, etc.);
 Protected Agricultural Equipment; Special Machineries (Packing Machines, etc.);
 Precision Agriculture Equipment, Agricultural Aircraft;
 Livestock & Aquaculture Machineries;
 Digital Manufacturing Equipment (Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, CNC Bending Equipment, etc.);
 Internal Combustion Engine Parts, Hydraulic Parts, Gears, Chains, Transmission Parts, Agri-Machinery Accessories;
 Kinds of Accessories, Processing & Maintenance Equipment, Tools, Appliance;


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