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AgriChem 2015 - The 4th International New Fertilizer/Pesticide & Plant Protection Exhibition


AgriChem 2015
The 4th International
New Fertilizer/Pesticide & Plant Protection Exhibition 2015

About the trade fair in China

Organized by Agriculture & Animal HusbandryAgriChem 2015 - The 4th International New Fertilizer/Pesticide & Plant Protection Exhibition 2015 will take place in conjunction with iFloral 2015 ModernAgri Expo 2015DigitalAgri 2015 SeedTec 2015IrrigationTec 2015GardenTec 2015AgriAviation 2015and AgriEquip 2015 during May 27-29, 2015 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC, Formerly Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion), China.

AgriChem 2015 is an international exhibition which will focus on the field of fertilizer, pesticide, plant protection and machinery & equipment. Enterprises, institutions both from domestic and overseas will take part in AgriChem 2015 to showcase their latest technology, products and solutions.

Concurrent Event:

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Fertigation Technology Promotion Seminar
2015 Fertilizer&Pesticide Innovative Enterprises Top100 & Agricultural Aircraft Enterprises Top10
2015 Fertilizer&Pesticide Industry Top10 Innovator Award
2015 Fertilizer&Pesticide Industry Top10 Innovative Products Award
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Exhibition Scope of AgriChem 2015 :
1. Greenhouse Engineering, Complete Greenhouse Packages, Greenhouse Covering Materials, Greenhouse Kits, Window Opening & Curtain Drawing System, Automatic Control System, Greenhouse Supporting System;;
2. Greenhouse Materials, Roller Shutter, Roller Film System, Circlip, Card Slot, Buckle, Fill Light System, Pest & Disease Control Equipment, Interior /Exterior Shade Curtain System, Insect Nets, Tension Rope, Seedling Bags, Trays & Flats, Peat, Nutritive Bowl, Seedling Substrate, etc.
3. Greenhouse Equipment, Cooler/Heater Ventilation Installation, Temperature Control System , Thermostats &, Humidistats, Greenhouse Controller, Sensor, Monitoring System, Environment Control Technique;
4. Industrial Planting&Breeding Equipment, Ventilation Installation, Seedbed System, Soilless Cultivation, Automatic Control Sprinkling Irrigation System and other Agricultural Facilities, Water Supply & Distribution Equipment;
5. Home Garden Equipment, Garden Machinery, Tools, Balcony Agriculture, City Agriculture, Roof Afforest;
6. Informationized Agriculture, Precision Agriculture Technology, Detecting Instrument, Soilless Cultivation Technology, Agricultural Advanced Technical Equipment, Agricultural Information Communication Services, Informatization Management, Financial Services.


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