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IBW 2015 - 2015 Shanghai International Building Water Expo


IBW 2015

2015 Shanghai International Building Water Expo

IBW 2015 - 2015 Shanghai International Building Water Expo is the first exhibition for Asian architecture energy saving which will be held from June 30 to July 2, 2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

Shanghai International Building Water Expo (IBW) focuses on building water supply, drainage, building water, building water saving equipment and the most advanced products and technology, providing an excellent platform of display for the well-known enterprises in the building water industry, high-quality buyers, real estate developers, construction design institute, building developers, architects and other high-end customers.

At last version, BWExpo 2014 (former short name of IBW ) attracted a total of 1,031 building materials exhibitors attend to the fair, including China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and so on. Among 948 domestic exhibitors and 83 foreign exhibitors. During three days of the exhibition, BWExpo 2014 totally gathered  80,198 visitors, among 74,103 were domestic visitors and 6,095 were foreign visitors.

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Exhibitor's Profile
Exhibits Scope

◇ Building water supply and Drainage Design Institute, research institutes, design, management software; consulting, certification, education and other related services;

◇ Building Water Secondary Water Supply System: laminated (no negative pressure) water supply equipment, frequency speed regulation water supply equipment, pressure water supply

◇ Solar water heaters and building integrated systems;
◇ The same floor drainage system;
◇ Building fire water supply technology and equipment;
◇ Siphon roof rainwater drainage collection system, rainwater utilization systems;
◇ Building hot water and drinking water: water quality treatment before heating, boilers (steam, oil, and electricity), industrial waste heat, geothermal, solar and solar assisted heating device, drinking water systems, home water filtration systems;
◇ Water measurement: water meter, remote meter reading system;
◇ The drainage system of swimming pool: pressure filter tank, hair gathering device, filter coagulant, algaecide, PH value regulator, disinfectants (chlorine, wandering powder), wave device;
◇ Sewage drainage system;
◇ Water supply and drainage system of fountain;

◇ New Pipeline: plastic pipe; steel plastic composite pipe; brass, metal corrugated pipes , stainless steel tube; brass, pipe fittings and other similar materials;

◇ Valves: globe valve, gate valve, butterfly valve; check valve, relief valve, alarm valve, hydraulic control valves, backflow prevention device, vacuum breaking devices, pressure gauges, etc.;

◇ Pumps: water supply pump (single stage, multistage pumps, horizontal, vertical, variable pump, etc.); submersible pumps, sewage pumps, submersible sewage pumps;

◇ Water systems: water tanks, water storage tanks, etc;

◇ Sanitary Wares:special single-riser,lifting plants,concealed cisterns,Trap seals ,the floor drain,water-saving appliances; faucets, toilets, showers, etc.;
◇ Drainage clearing and treatment plant: grease traps, plastic chambers, small sewage treatment plants, pipeline clearing devices;

◇ Isolators: pipes, water pump noise vibration isolation devices and accessories, water hammer eliminators;

◇ Sealing: water supply and drainage with a variety of sealing materials, such as: the sealing materials and corrosion materials for connections of pipes, pumps, valves and etc.


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Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd, (SMIE), the first authorized exhibition company with ISO9000 in China’s exhibition industry, is a professional exhibition corporation under Shanghai World Expo Group. Moreover, it became a member of UFI (the global association of the exhibition industry) in 2004 .The company always devotes itself to playing a role as bridge and bond in promoting the exchange of trade, science and technology communication home and abroad.

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