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CE@AWE 2015 - China Consumer Electronics Show 2015


CE@AWE 2015

China Consumer Electronics Show 2015

As the most magnificent and wonderful part of AWE 2015 (Appliance&electronis World Expo 2015)CE-AWE 2014 - China Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will be staged during 11-13 March. 2015 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China. 

The China Consumer Electronics Selection Show 2015 will focus on the consumer electronics industry, including smart control, wearable devices and other segments, with an aim to present the most cutting-edge consumer electronics technology.

China Consumer Electronics Selection Show 2014 (CE-AWE 2014) has spreaded the ideas of technological communication, cooperation promotion and sci-technology priority with the strengths of the Appliance Prize-a special award targeted the consumer electronics for the first time; 3D-China's New Growing Driver Forum; over 100 media attended, etc.

You can also find Future@Home - China Smart Home Concept Show 2015LUX@AWE 2015 - China International High-end Appliance Show 2015China Kitchen & Bath Appliances Show 2015 (KB@AWE 2015) and China Environment & Health Appliance Show 2015 (EH@AWE 2015) at the same venue.


Prospective Audiences:
Large appliances chain channels (e.g. Gome, Suning, Media Market, BestBuy, Yamada Denki, Jiangsu Huiyin, etc.)
1. Large supermarkets and departments (e.g. Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Metro, Groupe Auchan, Crvanguard, RT-Mart, etc.)
2. Appliances direct-marketing websites, TV shopping and other newly emerged channels (e.g. 360buy, Tmall,,,, etc.)
3. Famous 3C channel dealers both home and abroad (e.g. Onezero, PC mall, Segbuy, EGO, Pconline, YWCEC, etc.)
4. Domestic and overseas B2B (e.g. Alibaba, HC360, etc.)


Exhibits Scope:
Domestic audiovisual products
Television, home theater, monitor, projector, blu-ray player, stereo system, radio, recorder, etc.
Personal electronic products
Tablet PCs, video game machine, CD player, MP3/MP4 player, walkman, PDA, electronic dictionary, learning machine, mobile storage device, digital camera, DV, E-paper book, etc.
Communication products
Cell phones, telephone machines (including visual telephone and satellite telephone, etc.), walkie talkie, etc.
Digital family
Web TV, STB, Intelligent switch, information appliances, home network system, security monitoring system, visual intercom, etc.
On-vehicle electronic products


Name: China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA)
Address: Room 709, Talent International Building, No.80 Guang Qumen Inner Avenue Beijing P.R.C. Postal Code: 100062
Tel: +86-10 -5169 6622
Fax: +86-10 -5169 6621
Official Website: Click to Visit


The China Household Electrical Appliances Association (CHEAA) was established in December 1988.The Association’s operations are under the direction of the National Light Industrial Bureau.The Association’s main purpose is to encourage the development of the household electrical appliances industry,to serve enterprises and to protect the legal rights and interests of its members.The Association has been entrusted by the government to manage the industry,and it serves as a bridge between the government and enterprises,as well as between enterprise themselves.
CHEAA is made up of companies,which produce home electronic appliances and related products.There are currently almost 220 members from 24 provinces and municipalities.The highest authority in the CHEAA is the Member Congress.The Council and the Standing Council within the Congress are responsible for making rules and regulations.The Assiciation’s standing body is the Secretarist,located in Beijing,where the Secretary General is responsible for daily activities.
China Household Electrical Appliances Association member companies mainly produce the following products:domestic refrigeration equipment and compressors;residential air conditioners and compressors;kitchen products,including electric appliances for boiling,baking and flying,as well as water dispensers,water heaters,water processors,electric stoves(including microwaves and electromagnetic stoves),food preparation appliances,cleaners and other equipment;cleaning appliances such as washing machines,dryers,vacuum cleaners,etc.;ironing equipment;cosmetic equipment;ventilation appararus;heating appliances;health and fitness equipment;home appliance parts including motors,temperature controllers,evaporators,program controllers,and condensers.
Since it was founded,the main tents of the CHEAA have been to protect the benefits of its member companies and maintain the legal benefits of the industry as a whole.The CHEAA has done its utmost to serve its members and the industry,and to promote the development of household appliances.As a bridge between the industry and the government,the CHEAA has the task of relating the current status of the industry to the government,as well as reflecting the demands and opinions of the industry to the government.
The CHEAA also brings up laws,regulations and development strategies that are suggested by industry personnel to the government.CHEAA must also organize and carry out government policies within the industry.As the maintainer of the benefits for enterprises and the industry,CHEAA’s duties are to coordinate relations between enterprises,promote cooperation within the industry,and promote fair competition.As the promoter of industrial development,the Association must actively publicize great achievements in the industry,widely advance access to international information and technical exchanges for electronics and other related industries,and make suer that members take all opportunities to participate in many types of expositions,meetings,and interviews.
Having done a good job in the above areas,CHEAA has earned a good reputation and acknowledgement from within and outside the industry.

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