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CIM EXPO 2014 - The 5th China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo 2014


The 5th China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo 2014




The 5th China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo 2014 (CIM EXPO 2014), a platform for international communication and cooperation, will be staged at Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center (TZICEC) from Oct.31 - Nov.2, 2014.

The 5th China (Taizhou) International Medical Expo 2014 (CIM EXPO 2014) aims to create opportunities for discussions and investments for medical innovations and industrial development by thoroughly implementing scientific development perspective, upgrading capacity for independent innovation and industrial agglomeration, as well as holding a series of activities like exhibition &Display, summit forum, matchmaking for innovation products and seminars etc.


Trade Show Highlights

Sponsored by the Authorities

Both the sponsor and undertakers of the Medicine Expo are competent departments and relevant industry associations in the technical field of Chinese medical industry, which enjoy a very high reputation and influence both in Chinese and overseas medical circle.

Information Release Center

Relevant leaders from China's ministries and commissions, as well as the authoritative experts from various sectors will release the latest information and give an overall explanation regarding the latest policy trends, industrial and technological development directions by means of high level forums and seminars.

Converging Frontier Information

Well-known experts from home and abroad will be invited to give lectures in regard to a variety of information, such as domestic and overseas drugs, vaccines, medical apparatus and instruments, biological products and medical technologies etc.

High-end Matchmaking Bridge

The expo will  take full advantage of government resources and widely organizes professional visitors to visit, discuss and purchase by virtue of multiple channels. Meanwhile, various innovations matchmaking meetings, acting as communication bridge will be provided for exhibitors and professional viewers to assure a fruitful display trade.

Platform for Patent Promotion

The expo will focus on medicine patented technologies, achievements, products, home and abroad; set up a  demonstration and communication platform for international patented technologies, achievements and products; promote the transformation and industrialization of patented technologies and achievements.

All-directional Value Added Services


The expo will customize personalized information release, visit and inspection activities, offer related extended services and facilitate international investment cooperation and relevant technological achievements transformation in accordance with the requirements of exhibitors.


Exhibited items

Focusing on exhibiting the latest scientific and technical achievements, new technologies and products in the field of medical industry

1.China medical city area: Focusing on displaying the idea, direction and accomplishment for Jiangsu Province and Taizhou City to develop the industry of biomedicine health and Focus on displaying the development philosophy, construction results and investment environment of China Medical City.

2.Exhibition area for medical enterprises: focusing on exhibiting new technologies, products, etc. of Chinese and overseas medical enterprises.

3.Exhibition area for high and new scientific and technical achievements: focusing on exhibiting the new products, technologies, etc. (industrialized or to be industrialized) researched and developed by Chinese and overseas universities,scientific-research institutes and medical institutions in such aspects as drugs,vaccines,medical apparatus and instruments,diagnostic reagents, biological products and medical technology.

4.Exhibition area for biomedical bases: Focusing on displaying the construction and development accomplishment of key biomedical bases and parks in China.

5.Trading zone for patent technical products: It is mainly for exhibition of
domestic & international patent technical products and aims to establish platform for cooperation and communication.

6.Permanent exhibition area: exhibiting the relevant achievements of biomedical science and technology for a long time in the form of museum.

7.Industrial service: medical outsourcing, consultancy, relevant media, etc.


Exhibition areas

1) China Medical City Exhibition Area:The area focuses on the ideas, directions and achievements of the medicine and health industries in Taizhou city and even Jiangsu Province, which stresses on the demonstration of the development ideas, construction achievements and investment environment of China Medical City.

2)Bioindustry Base Area:The area will invite the major bioindustry bases of the country to demonstrate their development philosophies, schemes and construction achievements by revolving the emerging industry of biotechnology and new medicines.

3) Innovation Area for Key Pharmaceutical Enterprises and Significant Innovations:The area, aiming for technological innovation, will display the achievements taking the "863 " plan and the special item of important new medicine development as the core and focus on the exhibitions of the latest technologies and products of the domestic and overseas medical enterprises in the major ten subareas, such as malignancy tumor, cardiovascular disease, neurologic disorder, diabetes, anti-infection, autoimmune disease, digestive system disease, respiratory disease, urogenital disease and other diseases etc.

4) Area for International Medicine Innovations:The area focus on the latest technologies and products from the relevant drug enterprises of Europe and other countries.

5) Area for Health Maintenance:The area mainly displays the latest ideas, achievements and products on health maintenance home and abroad. In addition, it will hold  products fair and small-sized academic seminars etc.


Name: Organization Committee of CIM EXPO
Tel: +86-523-8620 1206 / 8620 1216 / 8620 1202
Fax: +86-523-8620 1219
Official Website: Click to Visit

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