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AIPPE 2014 - Asia International Plastic Packaging Expo and Development Forum 2014


AIPPE 2014

Asia International

Plastic Packaging Expo and Development Forum 2014

AIPPE 2014 - Asia International Plastic Packaging Expo and Development Forum 2014 is a professional and authoritative international trade show covering the entire plastic packaging industry, which will be held on July 9-11, 2014 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China.

With the theme of "accelerate the process of green construction and promote the transformation and upgrading of plastic packaging industry", Asia International Plastic Packaging Expo and Development Forum 2014 (AIPPE 2014) will be a grand meeting in the plastic packaging industry with the highest standard, largest influence, strongest trading and most participants in Asian areas.

Meanwhile, AIPPE 2014 will focus on displaying the latest technologies, equipment, materials and processes in the industry and fully present the latest development tendency of today’s international plastic packaging industry, providing exhibitors with an excellent platform to seek cooperation, promote brands, and broaden markets.


Exhibitor's Profie:
Exhibits Scope:

I. Packaging Materials and Products
1. Film (coiled material), tubes and bags: various kinds of biaxially oriented film and bags (BOPP,BOPET,BOPA, BOPS, etc.); polypropylene film and bags; polyethylene film and bags; complex film, tubes and bags (dry compound, solvent-free compound, coextrusion lamination, extrusion compound, extruded coating and special compound) of various kinds of materials (plastic/plastic, aluminum/plastic, paper/plastic, braided fabric/plastic, etc.); various kinds of heat shrink film (BOF, PVC, PETG, PVDC, etc.); cold shrink film; stretch film; preservative film; protective film; biodegradation film and bags; pre-coating film, digital film and label film; adhesive sticker film; packaging film and bags of various functions.
2. Hollow containers, barrels and bottles, various kinds of hollow barriers; bottles and lids; trays (blow molding, injection and plastic uptake); boxes, cases, etc..
3. Plastic woven cloth, bags and packing belts; PP and PET woven cloth (bags); PP and PET woven cloth/BOPP and BOPET vacuum woven bags; PP and PET woven cloth/paper/PE bags and flexible freight bags; packaging of articles of everyday use, chemical products,electronic products,cements and other products and PET and PP packing belts.
4. Foam products, air cushion products and air inflation products: PS, PE, PP, PU, PVC, biological expanded plastics and products.


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