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Cafe Show China 2014


Cafe Show China 2014

Cafe Show China 2014 is the best platform to learn and share new trend and culture of Chinese coffee industry, which will be held on Aug.8-10, 2014 at China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)Beijing.

To cater to the growing need of Chinese market, CIEC and Exporum, the organizer of Cafe Show Seoul, join hands to bring the renowned cafe show brand to China. The purpose of Cafe Show China is to offer a diverse coffee cultural environment for coffee professionals and coffee lovers. Exhibits rang from coffee beans, coffee powder, instant coffee, coffee utensils, coffee machines, coffee house franchises, tea, and desserts to every other segment in coffee industrial chain.

Cafe Show China is an ideal place to showcase the best brands in the coffee industry. with an exhibiting arrea of 10,216 square meters, Cafe Show China 2014 will share the coffee brand with Seoul Cafe Show, Asia’s No.1 coffee event with over ten years successful history.

Last year, Cafe Show China 2013 had a total exhibiting space of 6,790 square meters. The 3-day exhibition attracted 18,394 visitors and 80 exhibitors from 28 countries, including the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Italian Trade Commission, Brazilian Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, Proexport Colombia, Jascaffe China, ECOM, Pentiar Water Purification Systems, T'ana Coffee Trading Co., Ltd., TCOFFEE, Soft Pack Co., Ltd., etc. Coffee chain franchises, such as Caffebene, Zoo Coffee and Doutor Coffee, also attended the show. A series of interactive events were held concurrently, including Cafe Show Barista Championship, I love coffee ’Cupping and Brewing’, Secret Sweet Class, Coffee culture seminar and Coffee and art display.

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Exhibits Category:
Products: Beans, Brewed, Espresso, Instant, Original ingredients
Equipments: Espresso machine, Teapot, Press pot, Roaster, Grinder, Filter, Airtight container

Products: Fruit tea, Fermented tea, various teas from overseas
Equipments: Tea cup, Teapot, Tea maker

Fresh fruit juice, Smoothie, Bubble tea, Wine, Champagne, Soda

Croissant,Muffin, Cake, Donut, Bagel, Pie, Tart, Sandwich

Ice cream, Ice flakes, Yogurt, Chocolate, Pudding, Fruits, Snack items, Rice cake, Sugar Confectionery

Food Ingredient
Frozen dough, Chocolate, Cheese, Oil, Milk, Whipped cream, Ice cream, Powder, Syrup, Jam, Nuts, Dried fruits

Other Food
Pizza, Kebab, Pasta, Tortilla

Coffee shop, Ice cream shop, Tea cafe, Sandwich cafe, Bakery cafe, Dessert cafe, Organic cafe, Wine bar

Ice cream: Ice cream maker, Showcase (Freezer)
Equipment: Showcase, Convection over, Ice machine, Blender
Kitchen Electronics

Restaurant Interior Decoration
Chair, Table, Sofa, Lighting, Cups


Name: CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, CIEC Group
Address: 3rd floor, General Service Building, #6 East Road North 3rd Ring Road Chao Yang District Beijing China 100028
Tel: +86-10-8460 0308
Fax: +86-10-8460 0325 / 8460 0346
Official Website: Click to Visit

CIEC Exhibition Co. Ltd./CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, CIEC Group, an overseas subsidiary of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation under China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), was registered in Hong Kong in 1986. Its main business covers creation, design, development and organizing of specialized international exhibitions and conventions. It also provides exhibition engineering, exhibition hall management, exhibit forwarding services as well as relevant services on trade, travel and consultation for exhibition & convention information to all clients from China and other countries.

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