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SDCE 2014 - 2014 Shanghai Automotive Casting Exhibition and 2nd Precision Die Casting Exhibition


2014 Shanghai Automotive Casting Exhibition


2nd Precision Die Casting Exhibition

SDCE 2014 



2014 Shanghai Automotive Casting Exhibition and 2nd Precision Die Casting Exhibition (SDCE 2014)an automotive casting based with a range of products like telecommunication, hardware, medical equipment, power tool, casting technology and raw material, which is accordance with internationalization, professionalization, marketization and special standard to provide a comprehensive platform gathering product, technology, information, investment, talent communication for exhibitors and attendees, is organized by China Die Casting Web and will be held at Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center (SAEC) during Nov.6-Nov.8, 2014. 

Exhibiion Highlights and Advantages:
1. Powerful combination to establish largest automotive casting (die casting) exhibition and trade platform.
     This exhibition is jointly hosted by National Auto Part Export Base (shanghai), shanghai International Automobile City and China Die Casting Web. The authorative professional organisers provide powerful support and backing to this exhibition.
     China Die Casting Web has successfully hosted a number of industry conferences and technical trainings, as well as foursuccessive industry high-end summits so that this web is well recognized and accepted by the trade and has rich high-end connections and has established long-time cooperation relationship with lots of die casting enterprises.
2. Strategical exhibition site.
      Shanghai has advantaged superority. It is not only the birthplace of China die casting industry, but also the most importance economic and exhibition center.
     Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center lies in Anting, first automobile town of China. Shanghai Volkswagen, SAIC Motor, automobile factory and research and development centers and auto part enterprises all gather here. Besides, the first automobile museum of China, Shanghai Automobile Museum and China (Shanghai) New Energy Automobile International Pilot City Trial Driving Center is just opposite our exhibition site.
3.  Rich On-the-spot Activities
     We will invite world-famous experts to give professional lectures on the spot of the exhibition,  provide exhibitors opportunities to recommend their products and hold a automative casting (die casting) president golf tournament. In addition, 
     it is especially worth noting that we will hold the first die casting talent recruiting event and high-quality casting grand prix judged by world class jurors.
4.Powerful professional disseminate media
     In order to hold this exhibition effectively, the organising committee has made a detailed plan. Agreat number of professional magzines and websites join the disseminate camp to forge the most influential foundry (die casting) grand ceremony of Asia together.
     We plan to invite professional medias such as Intercontinental Direct Mail, Automobile Parts, Resource Recycling, Shanghai Metals Market, Foundry Technology, Mysteel, Alibaba and so on to join together to support, disseminate and report the exhibition  in an all-around and thorough way.
5. Match Accurately before Exhibition
     Once a company affirms to attend the exhibition, the organisers will deliver its information accurately to every professional buyer and other industry relative individuals, enterprises and organizations listed in the exhibition data pool through official websites, email before exhibition, medias cooperating with the exhibition and print. In order to help attending enterprises market better, we will match accurate one-to-one buyers for exhibitors.
6. Strict Professional Audience Organization System
     The organising committee, each consulate and Council for Promotion of International Trade in abroad organises exhibitors, professionals and traders from America, Japan, Germany and India and other countries to come and do an on-the-spot investigation and negotiate.
     According to their owned net resource, the committee  organises exhibitors, professional and traders from East China, South China, Southwest and Northeast to come and do an on-the-spot investigation and negotiate.
     The committee will invite professionals and traders to visit the exhibition, altogether with relative industry associations, learned society, technological school, automobile research and development department, consultative agencies, financial institutions, chambers of commerce and medias.


Exhibition Scope:

Casting Products(Die Casting):

★ Automobile Parts and Motorcycle Parts
★ Hardware Tools
★ Aerospace and Shipping Castings
★ Home Appliances, Gas Appliance, Machine Parts and Eescalator Steps
★ Art Works, Locks, Bathroom Accessories, Telecommunications, Instruments, Electrical Equipments and Electrons and so on
★ Ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloy Castings


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