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The 6th Shanghai International Casting Products Exhibition 2014


The 6th Shanghai International Casting Products Exhibition 2014

Fair ended, please visit The 7th Shanghai International Casting Products Exhibition 2015 for next Casting Show.

The 6th Shanghai International Casting Products Exhibition 2014, covers the sand casting, investment casting, die casting and other areas, is organized by Shanghai Aoya Exhibition Co., Ltd and will take place at Shanghai International Exhibition Center (Intex Shanghai) during Nov.26-28, 2014.

During the 3-days show, leading experts related to casting products manufacturing industry and market players from all over the world related to this industry will attend to the 6th Shanghai International Casting Products Exhibition 2014, having a discussion with each other about the modern market trends and business opportunities associated with this sector. 


Consultants, agents, key decision makers, potential customers, industry leaders and technical and professional experts.


Scope of exhibiting:
1, Casting of Cu,Al, Zn,Mg alloy and other non-ferreous alloy, mould, stainless steel casting.
2, The cylinder cover of Automobile,motorcycle, hub,automobile engine organism, cylinder and casting parts
3, Casting for general use such as , pump,valve, electron,computer,lighting,electric appliance,electric tools,furniture ,etc.
4, Casting for machine tool, textile/garden/agriculture machinery and civicism project ,elevator, hardware cast etc.
5, Casting raw materials:Cu/Al/Zn/Mg alloy ingot.
6, Casting materials: mould release agent, precoated sand, furane resins, curative agent , lubricant, refine agent , zircon sand/powder,etc.


Name: Shanghai Aoya Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: Room 1039,Building Caoan,1877Caoan Road Shanghai China
Tel: +86-21-3351 8138
Fax: +86-21-3351 8099
Official Website: Click to Visit

Engaged in the exhibition industry for many years, Shanghai Aoya Exhibition Co., Ltd has an experienced, high-efficiency efforts exhibition team, several key leaders of Shanghai Aoya Exhibition Co., Ltd have the experience of hosting international metal show for ten years, the metal industry has a deep knowledge and understanding. And co to see the Chinese exhibition industry, metal glorious historical process.

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