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SIPE SOLAR EXPO 2014 - China International Solar Power Generation Products Exposition 2014

  • VENUE: Nanjing International Exhibition Center (NJIEC)
    Location & Details of Nanjing International Exhibition Center (NJIEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.88, Longpan Rd, Xuanwu, Nanjing 210037, Jiangsu Province, China
  • ORGANIZER: Suzhou Industrial Park YiSheng Media Co., LTD
  • Contact:Cherry
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-512-8916 0551
  • Fax: +86-512-6595 2108
  • CITY:Nanjing
  • INDUSTRY:Energy/ Green Power
  •  Solar Photovoltaic
  • DATE: 2014/11/04 - 2014/11/06 Expired!


China International Solar Power Generation Products Exposition 2014



China International Solar Power Generation Products Exposition 2014 (SIPE SOLAR EXPO 2014), aims to help your business grow as you network and take advantage of the numerous opportunities that exist in China’s booming solar PV market, is organized by Suzhou Industrial Park YiSheng Media Co., LTD and will take place at Nanjing International Exhibition Center (NJIEC) during Nov.4-6, 2014. 

Spread across 6 separate halls and 80,000 square meters,China International Solar Power Generation Products Exposition 2014 (SIPE SOLAR EXPO 2014) is expected to attract more than 1,200 exhibitors from all over the world, making this year’s event a truly global platform for photovoltaic innovation and networking.


Featured PV Products at SIPE SOLAR EXPO

● PV batteries, battery packs

● PV system integration, rural area PV generation systems, solar testing & controlling systems

● Solar display screens, power-supply systems, movable chargers, residential solar pumps

● Solar street lights, lawn lights, yard lights, navigation lights, agricultural pesticide lights, chargers, signal lights, traffic lights

● Thin-film panel production equipment: amorphous silicon cells, CIS/CIGS, CdTe, DSSC

● Battery panel/component production lines: testing, glassing, cleaning, tabbing, stringing, laminating

● Battery production lines: etching, cleaning, diffusion, coating/depositing, screen printing, furnaces, testers, separators

● Ingot/briquette/wafer production lines: ingot furnaces, crucibles, growing furnaces, crystalline wafer production lines, cutting, cleaning, inspecting

● Silicon materials, ingots, briquettes, wafers, sealing glasses, sealing thin-film

● Storage batteries, chargers, controllers, converters, recorders, inverters, monitors, mounting, tracking, solar cables 


Why should you attend

By attending SIPE SOLAR  EXPO 2014 , your company will gain access to a range of exciting benefits, including:
* Information on all aspects of photovoltaic and solar thermal technology
* Advice and guidance on how to enter China’s booming solar market
* Introductions to important PV associations and advocacy groups
* Real-time analysis of China’s new energy policies
* Business-oriented networking opportunities


Name: Suzhou Industrial Park YiSheng Media Co., LTD
Address: Room407-410 Shunda Commercial Plaza No.118 Dongyan Road Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou
Tel: +86-512-6592 1999
Fax: +86-512-6595 2108
Official Website: Click to Visit

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