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2014 China (Beijing) International Fishery Expo


2014 China (Beijing) International Fishery Expo



2014 China (Beijing) International Fishery Expo, organized by Shixin Lamp International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd, is to be staged at China (Beijing) National Agriculture Exhibition Center (CNAEC) during May 11-13, 2014.

2014 China (Beijing) International Fishery Expo is designed to boost a sound and sustainable fishing development, it will serve as a showcase for new products, and a forum on sustainable development of the fishing sector. It aims to build a platform for insiders to strengthen industrial exchanges and boost business negotiation. In addition, the expo is crucial to promote new products and build brand image, thus advancing the sustainable development of fishery. 2014 China (Beijing) International Fishery Expo will provide valuable services and bring more important information to participants.

Highlights of 2014 China (Beijing) International Fishery Expo

Great Influence, wide coverage: the exhibition held in the capital city will take the advantage of global vision, geological hub linked between the northeast and southwest as well as improved supporting facilities. That's how we can make the event possible..

Strong specialization, well-designed services: the organizing committee embraces rich experience in holding exhibitions, sits on all-round an audience database. Thanks to these strengths, the committee can have a large number of audiences to here to create a mutually beneficial platform for all.

All-round, diversified outreach campaigns: the organizing committee will pool the major media resources and launch many outreach programs for exhibitors and site activities. Among others are handing out 500,000 visiting tickets, 200,000 copies of invitations and 100,000 exhibition previews. On top of that, these activities include numerous reports made by more than 60 mainstream media, over 90 web sites and 30 plus newspapers and TV stations

The integration between research and exhibition: as the exhibition comes, the committee will host industry forums and exchange meetings and provide exhibitors with a comprehensive platform for consultation and negotiation.

Outstanding international and domestic industry insiders gathering here: The fishery expo covering overall fishery industry chain will bring together large, small and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, in a bid to help find the most suitable marketplace for you amid fast growing aquatic industry.


Concurrent Events

1, Contribution award of ecological fishery
2, Promotion conference organized by local government and industrial park.
3, The global seafood wholesaler fair and matchmaking conference.
4, Trade fairs for restaurant, hypermarkets and aquatic product wholesale market.
5, China security and ecological development of modern fishing forum
6, China investment and financing conference in modern fishery
7, Forum of concerning quality and safety of aquatic products & promoting healthy feeding 


Move-in: May 9-10, 2014  
Opening ceremony:  9:30am, May 11, 2014
Exhibition: May 11-13, 2014
Move-out: 16:00pm, May 13, 2014

Venue: The National Agriculture Exhibition (New Hall)
The exhibition scale: 20,000 square meters, 500 companies


Scope of Exhibits

1, Kinds of seafood and aquatic products
2, Fishing equipment of aquaculture, fishing, fresh-keeping, frozen, storage, processing and packaging.
3, Recreational fisheries: ornamental fish, aquarium equipment, fishing tackle and fishing supplies.
4, Fish feed and fishery medicine: feed additives, and high quality breeding aquatic products, fish baits, aquaculture disease prevention and control, diagnosis and pathology prevention technology, pollution control technology, aquaculture management technology, etc
5,  Fishery management, fishery safety production technology and equipment.
6,  Pearl, coral, shell and other marine crafts.


Name: Shixin Lamp International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Address: Room 919, Qinghe Qiangyou Building, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Tel: +86-10-6291 9363
Fax: +86-10-6295 7691
Official Website: Click to Visit

Shixin lamp was built in 1998, has more than 10 years large international exhibition organization experiences, is generally recognized as an international professional conference organizers, but also domestic and international industry association trustworthy partner. 
Shixin lamp of the board of directors under the leadership of the general manager responsibility system, has international department, planning department, information department, BBS organization department, the audience organization department.
Shixin lamp’s staff more than one hundred, staff average age is 28 years old, is full of vitality and have innovation spirit, but also in operation of high-quality, international team, we firmly believe that the good human resource allocation will provide more professional and more effective business services, for the vast number of customers to expand the market, and consolidate the business.
At present, Shixin lamp is held more than 20 domestic exhibition every year, including 11 large famous exhibition, the exhibition area was nearly 600000 square meters; Organization of meeting and promotion activities.
Shixin lamp is also many overseas well-known industry exhibition partners and, so far, has more than ten times of organized the group exhibition abroad to 12 countries participated in local famous exhibition, organized nearly 2000 visitors and  more than 300 exhibitors, And has become international exclusive agency in China, play a role of bridge for enterprises to the international market, and international trade exchanges. 

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