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EPTES 2014 - Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show 2014


Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show 2014

EPTES 2014

One themed show of the 16th China International Industry Fair 2014 (CIIF 2014)

Fair ended,  please visit EPTES 2015 - Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show 2015 for next EPTES.

Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show 2014 (EPTES 2014),  a professional trade show that focus on environmental protection technology and its equipment industry under CIIF 2014,  is organized by Shanghai EastBest International (Group) Co., Ltd and will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) during November 4-8, 2014.

Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show 2014 (EPTES 2014) covers environmental protection technology and equipment such as water treatment, energy-saving, fume purification, circulated economy and waste disposal. 


Trade Show Background

China announced its emission reduction schedule to the world on November 25, 2009, which fights against the climate warming and promises to achieve the purpose of reducing the carbon emission 40-45% in 2020 compared with 2005. If reckon in this way, there’s the request of added investment of 30 billion U.S dollars in the coming 10 years. Through the green, energy saving, environmental protection and extra simple and effective techniques, to perform the control for the consumption of energy and water, indoor air quality and the use of renewable materials, etc. It will also develop and promote advanced and applicable technologies of conservation, substitution, recycling and pollution control by increasing the investment in energy-saving and environmental protection.


Exhibits Range of Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show 2014 (EPTES 2014)

Waste Treatment and Recovery Technology and Equipment

Transfer installation and station, Mobile toilet, Waste disposal and recycling, Biological Treatment, Heat Utilization, Garbage composting and fermentation, Centralized disposal facilities of medical waste and chemical waste.

Water Treatment Technology and Equipment
Water (Drinking water) and wastewater treatment (Physical, chemical, biochemical technology), Industrial wastewater treatment technology and equipment, Membrane and water treatment technology and equipment, Seawater desalination technology and equipment, Water Pump, Valve and Fitting, Sludge and residue disposal, Laying and rebuilding of water pipe, Inspection & Cleaning & maintenance of drainage system, hoisting block , Water saving equipment, etc.


Energy Saving Technology and Equipment
Industrial Energy Efficiency(energy saving equipments of electricity, fuel, gas, water, coal), Architectural Energy Conversation(Energy-saving walling materials and equipment, roofing system materials, heating unit and ventilation systems, steel work, construction water-saving products), Transportation Energy-saving(hybrid-electric vehicles, Hydrogen Cars, Fuel Cell Vehicles and other environmentally friendly motors, relational technologies and equipments of alternative energy source).


Air Pollution Control Technology and Equipment
Air/Waste Gas Purification Equipments, Ammonia Removal and Dust Removal Technology, Desulfurization Technology, Hazard Gas Protection, Industry Dust Removal and Cleaning, Tail Gas Treatment, Ventilators, Dust Collecting Equipments, Electric Precipitation, Bag Filter, Industrial Oil and Fume Purification, Photocatalyst, Active Carbon and etc.


New Energy Technology and Equipment
Wind Power, Wind Generators, Wind Turbines, Solar Energy, Solar Water Heating Systems  (Solar Heaters and Collectors), Photovoltaic Cells (PV Cells, Solar Cells), Solar Air Heating Systems, Solar Power Technology, Solar Facilities, Biomass Energy Boilers, Biogas, Biomass Energy System Components, Tidal/Wave Energy, Geothermal energy, Hydrogen technology, Fuel Cells, Other renewable energies. Control and Measurement Equipments for Renewable Energy, Counseling / Plan and Project Management of Renewable Energy Field, Financial Service of Renewable Energy, and other services of Renewable Energy.


The cyclic economy and comprehensive utilization of resource recycling
The waste suppliers, distributors and traders at home and abroad; The pretreated, regenerated and deep-processed machineries and equipments; The inspection equipments and technologies; The tool manufacturers and new technologies; The recycled products or semi-finished products; The additives and related auxiliary materials of resources regenerated process; The related derivatives and processing techniques of resources regenerated; The consultation, training, law firms, logistics, media and other resources regenerated related industries.


Name: Shanghai EastBest International (Group) Co., Ltd
Address: Ciif Branch, Add: No.837, Yan, An Road (c) Shanghai,China
Tel: +86-21-2206 8386
Fax: +86-21-6289 5703
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Shanghai EastBest International (Group) Co., Ltd was co-established on February 18, 2004 by Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, the Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd and Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd,  this pioneering exhibition company has been successfully organizing trade shows, exhibitions, business events and functions for many years. It has garnered a niche for itself in the exhibition industry as a well-regarded organizer and has gained much trust and respect amongst many exhibiting companies. What makes the East Best Group the obvious choice amongst many exhibiting companies is its novel and innovative approach towards the events and trade shows organized by the company, its personal attention towards the customer's needs and also the high number of visitors and business opportunities generated by their events.

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