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The 15th International Exhibition on Heat Treatment Beijing

  • VENUE: Beijing Exhibition Center (BEC)
    Location & Details of Beijing Exhibition Center (BEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: No.135 Xizhimenwai Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
  • ORGANIZER: China Heat Treatment Association(CHTA)
  • CITY:Beijing
  • INDUSTRY:Plant & Machinery
  • DATE: 2011/10/19 - 2011/10/21 Expired!


As an important industry leading the global economic development, manufacturing played a crucial role in expediting the process of 21th century globalization. The heat treatment industry is the important fundamental techniques in manufacturing industry. Its developing space is tremendous.

The 2011 Beijing International Exhibition on Heat Treatment has a very important significance. The purpose is to master the focus of international heat treatment development, present the most advanced technical process locally and abroad, set up the exchange platform for the colleagues of heat treatment industry and facilitate the good cooperation between enterprises. Meanwhile, the exhibition will make its contribution in solving problems and better developent of the heat treatment industry to meet the requirement of manufaturing industry and economy.

Tel: +86 10 6493 9450
Fax: +86 10 6493 7312


Profile for exhibit includes heat-treatment furnaces, Atmosphere stove, vacuum stove, flow state bed, Production line of heat treatment: Anneal, normalize, quench, transfer quality, reaction heat treatment, Heat with the cooling new technology, automatic technology.


Name: China Heat Treatment Association(CHTA)
Address: 9C,C Building,Yayun Haoting,No.9 Xiaoying Rd, Chaoyang District,Beijing P.R.China Postcode : 100101
Tel: +86-10-6493 9450
Fax: +86-10-6493 7312
Official Website: Click to Visit

China Heat Treatment Association(CHTA) is a top social organization approved by the state. It was founded in 1991. The CHAT is the organizer of the activities in heat treatment industry through China. The principle of the CHTA is to assist the government with the administration of the heat treatment industry, as  a bridge between government and enterprises.The CHTA helps companies and plants to extend the markets,and improves the technology  and  management for enterprises of heat treatment industry.  The  CHTA has more than 1000 members currently.These members come from the local associations,companise, enterprises,institutes,universities  and colleges. The CHTA is the organizer of the national activities of the heat treatment industry.Welcome to join in the CHTA.
 The major functions of the CHTA
  ·Put forward develop program,policy and regulations of the China heat treatment       industry.
  ·Drawing up of the regulations and agreements of the China heat treament industry.
  ·Represent the requests of the heat treatment industry enterprises to the government.;
  ·Organize the international and domestic technical exchange,training and business       visiting.
  ·Organize the international and domestic exhibitions for new technology,products and       materials.
  ·Organize the evaluation and appraisal of the heat treatment technology,products and       materials.
  ·Organize the evaluation and recommendation of the outstanding heat treatment       enterprises,individuals and products.
  ·support the relative production and technical development,and help to set up training       shcools and research institutes.
  ·Provide the consultation services of quality certification to the heat treatment       enterprises.
  ·Draw up and implement the heat treatment standards.
  ·Edit and publish the technology periodicals and magazines.
  ·Publish the technology information.
  ·Help the enterprises to propagate their products.
  ·Help the heat treatment enterprises to bid for the equipment.
  ·Help the enterprises to import foreign equipment and contact with the foreign companies.
  ·Help the enterprises to install foreign equipment and tackle key technology.
  ·Coordinate with the judicial department to appraise,mediate and arbitrate the quality      issues of heat treatment.
  ·Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members.

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