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CDEE 2014 - The 4th China Int'l Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Exposition & Summit


The 4th China International Distributed Energy

and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Exposition & Summit

CDEE 2014

CDEE 2014 - The 4th China International Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Exposition & Summit will be held from Mar.31 to April 2, 2014, at National Convention CenterBeijing.

Over several years’ development, China International Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Exposition & Summit (CDEE) has become the largest-scale and the most professional distributed energy professional expo with the most extensive product coverage. Regarding the display and promotion of advanced equipments and technologies of distributed energy and energy storage as a starting point, CDEE has become the preferred platform for the manufacturers at home and abroad to release new products and technology.

In CDEE 2013, the exhibition area covered 22,000 square meters, more than 500 exhibitors specialized in distributed energy and energy storage technology as well as the related up-to-date products technology attended to the show.


The 4th China International Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Exposition & Summit (CDEE 2014) will attract the national and international professionals from the sector.


Scopes of Exhibition:
◆The Great Image Display of Intelligent Power Enterprise Groups.

Gas turbines, small gas turbines, gas engines, micro engines, Stirling engine, lithiumbromide absorption refrigerating machine, heat absorption refrigerating machine, absorption water chillers, electric refrigerating machine, steam absorption cooling, space heating system, absorption air conditioning, waste heat boilers, heat pumps, gas boilers, valves, (heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, motors, fan and pump frequency modulation, noise, vibration treatment) and other auxiliary equipments;

◆Distributed Energy Generation
Diesel generating sets, fuel cells, waste generation, biogas generation, sewage generation, geothermal generation, biomass distributed generation, wind distributed generation, solar photovoltaic distributed power systems, solar building integration, small hydropower distributed generation systems, gas and mine gas and other kinds of distributed power generation systems;

◆Energy Storage Technology and Equipment
Compressed air energy storage, pumped storage, superconducting magnetic storage, flywheel storage, regenerative energy storage, hydrogen storage and storage technology and equipment for plug-in electric vehicles; Various types of batteries (nickel-hydride batteries, lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lead-acid batteries, smart batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries), super capacitors, renewable fuel batteries, flow batteries, and other series of new battery materials, poly-silicon and mono-crystalline silicon batteries (including new nano-crystalline, dye-sensitization, organic battery) technology and equipment;

◆Intelligent Control and Group Control Optimization Technology for Distributed Energy
Intelligent monitoring, network group and remote control technology, technology and equipment for distributed energy interconnecting access; Distributed energyresearch institutes, achievement units, engineering design, construction, nergy-saving renovation and contract energy management.


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Devis International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is a professional Organization with proficient exhibition operation, high-qualified personnel and international development strategy, involved a wind range of industries, including smart grid, new energy, environmental protection, scientific instruments, public safety, fire and road traffic safety, and has  been keeping good cooperation relationship with some governments, industry associations / societies, and international professional media organizations. Under the attention at  all levels of leadership, Devis has promoted strong economic and trade cooperation for both at home and abroad, achieved good economic and social benefits, and has been recognized by personages of various circles of society.

We strive for the business concept of "people-oriented, professional operation,service first based on the customer", the management system of "dedication, diligence and perfection in an all-round way, the objective of “attracting talents, setting up first-class team, building first-class exhibition and providing excellent service!"; And we also carry out the service concept of " expecting to understand all your requirements, serving for you in all aspects with heart, and supporting every step of your development with all our strength!”

Devis International Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd insists on the principles of cooperation, honesty and win-win principle. Under sincere cooperation with the circles of the society and make progress together, we have been serving for China's economic construction, and making contributions for healthy and sustainable development of China’s exposition.

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