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CuChina 2014 - The 8th China International Exhibition for Copper Industry


The 8th China International Exhibition for Copper Industry

CuChina 2014

The 8th China International Exhibition for Copper Industry (CuChina 2014), is expected to be the largest copper expo in Asia and the global exchange platform for copper industry in Chinawill be held on Mar. 6-9, 2014 at Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center.

Since its foundation at 2007, China International Exhibition for Copper Industry (CuChina) has been successfully held for seven times. At each session, CuChina has obtained support and attracted exhibitors from nearly 1000 famous enterprises.

Meanwhile, during the seven years, about 100 visiting groups has attended to CuChina, including China top 100 electrical enterprises, China top 100 electric cable enterprises, and other groups from air condition and refrigeration industryelectronic industrysanitary hardware, transportation industry etc. The total number of visitors reaches 60,000 person-trips.

It's estimated that the total area at CuChina 2014 will be over 20000m², and the show will attract more than 350 exhibitors and over 15000 professional visitors, 20℅ of them are international visitors from about 20 countries and regions.

Concurrently with:
IEME China 2014 - The 10th China International Equipments Manufacturing Industries Expo
NMTE China 2014 - 2014 China International Nonferrous Metals Technology & Equipment Exhibition


Professional Visitors Profile of the 8th China International Exhibition for Copper Industry (CuChina 2014):

In addition to professionals in copper industry, the visitors mainly focus on the purchasers from copper application field as follows:
◇ Electrical Industry——electric power transmission, electrical machinery, etc.
◇ Electronic Industry——electronic vacuum tubes, printed circuit board, integrated circuit, lead frame, etc.
◇ Refrigeration industry——air conditioner, refrigerator, compressor, condenser
◇ Energy——generating equipment condenser, solar water heater, seawater desalination, etc.
◇ Petrochemical——vessel, piping system, filter, pump, valve, etc.
◇ Transportation Industry——shipping, automobile, airplane, railway
◇ Construction Industry——piping system, decoration device, etc.
◇ Machine Building Industry——valve, fitting, instrument, sliding bearing, mould, etc.
◇ Others——air conditioner, freezer, watch and clock, printing, wine brewing, medical, etc.


Exhibit Profile of the 8th China International Exhibition for Copper Industry (CuChina 2014)
☆ Copper ore, cathode copper
☆ Copper processing products(Copper tube/pipe, plate/sheet, foil, rod, bar, strip and wire, etc.)
☆ New section copper materials and products applied to Hi-tech industry, IT, electron, aerospace, auto, household appliance
☆ Mining equipment and metallurgical equipment.
☆ Copper processing equipments (tube, bar, plate, wire, etc), smelting equipments, automatic control system and equipments, inspection equipments, analytical instruments, and surface treatment equipments, packaging equipment
☆ Mining equipment and metallurgical equipment
☆ Reclamation technologies and equipments of wasted copper, environmental protection technology and equipments during copper production, as well as copper products packing equipments
☆ Copper casting & die-casting technology and equipments
☆ Auxiliary materials for copper production, including chemicals, flux, refractory, intermediate alloy additive, gas, water, lubricant, etc.
☆ Copper industrial park, training and standards service organizations


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