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Healthy Drinks 2014 - The 7th China High-end Healthy Drinks & Functional Drinks Exhibition


Healthy Drinks 2014 

The 7th China High-end Healthy Drinks & Functional Drinks Exhibition

Healthy Drinks 2014 - The 7th China High-end Healthy Drinks & Functional Drinks Exhibition, concurrent with The 7th China High-end Bottled Water and Healthy Water Life Exhibition 2014 (CBW 2014)will be staged from March 31 to April 2, 2014 at Shanghai International Exhibition Center (Intex Shanghai).

Nowadays, high-endhealthy and nutritious drinks attracts more and more consumers. At the same time, beverage industry is highly developed at present; Shanghai, as a high-end healthy drink consumption metropolis, the drinks market potential is obvious to all.

Based on the potential high-end beverage consumption marketChina High-end Healthy Drinks and Functional Drinks Exhibition is devoting to create a high-end healthy drink international trade event.

At Healthy Drinks 2013, many famous brands like Korea Qianbeili, Malaysia ESC, Canada ST.HENRY, New Zealand Unz, Romania AQUA, Hebei Sanfeng Yinqi drinks, YLIPEX, Dragon drinks, Kofola and other leading enterprises in drink industry presented to the show, relevant organizations and national ministries and leaders as well as over 20000 professional audience from 42 countries attended to this spectacular event.

Concurrently with:
CBW 2014 - The 7th China High-end Bottled Water and Healthy Water Life Exhibition 2014


Exhibits Range of 7th China High-end Healthy Drinks & Functional Drinks Exhibition (Healthy Drinks 2014)
High-end fruit and vegetable drinks: Blueberry juice, mango juice, wild jujube juice, hippophae rhamnoides juice, Chinese wolfberry juice, pomegranate juice, coconut juice, tomato juice, carrot juice, fruit wine, port wine, fruit vinegar and other geographic landmark new resources fruit and vegetable drinks;
High-end plant drinks: Edible fungus beverage, algae beverage, cereal beverage, flower juice drinks, Chinese herbal tea, vegetable protein drink;
High-end instant drink: Instant coffee, instant tea, tea extract, Fruit and vegetable powder, fruity type solid drink and ginger powder;
High-End dairy drinks: Organic milk, lactic acid bacteria products, yoghourt and infant milk drink;
High-end beauty drink: Collagen drinks, natural enzyme, scented tea, rose beverage and vinegar drinks;
High-end ingesting drinks: Puerarin beverages, flower of kudzuvine soup, decanter soup, anti-alcohol and liver- protect drinks, ingesting dew and others;
High-end drinking water: Mineral water, glacier water, tea water, soda water, weak alkaline water, aerobic water, deep ocean water, drinking water for baby, rich hydrogen water, spring water and functional water, etc.;
High-end kvass drinks;
Supporting service products: Intelligent drink machine, smart coffee machine, intelligent water dispenser, beverage bottle, mineral water bottle, glass cup and straws.


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