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CAMS 2013 - China Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Summit 2013


China Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Summit 2013

CAMS 2013


China Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Summit 2013 (CAMS 2013), the best opportunity for you to update your knowledge and skills, understand the evolution of aerospace materials development in the industry, and prepare for the future, is organized by Galleon and will be staged at Shangri-La Hotel (Beijing) on Dec.3 & 4, 2013.

China Aeronautical Materials Summit 2013 (CAMS 2013) aims to steadily promote the work of major special projects of China's commercial aircrafts, pool the world's wisdom, and share insights for the aeronautical materials, processing technology and design ability of aeroengine and civil aircraft.

The disconnections among designer, manufacturer and aeronautical material researcher have become the most critical factor to restrict the development of China aviation industry. The backwardness of aeronautical materials and processing technologies caused imbalanced development of national science and technology system. Internal operating issues of AVIC Group have existed for a long time.

We are pleased to see that on May 22, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China issued “long-term development plan of China Civil aviation industry (2013-2020)”, which enhanced standard formulation, development and validation of aeronautical materials, established quality assessment and assurance system of aeronautical material. Supporting industrial development of civil aerospace manufacturing industry has been listed as top priority for the first time.

In order to have a better understanding of “long-term development plan of China Civil aviation industry (2013-2020)”, first round “China Aeronautical Materials Summit 2013” will be held in Beijing City, hosted by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA), co-organized by AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials.

The Key Discussions you will never want to miss
Panel Discussion I
“How does China’s aerospace industry grasp this opportunities in developing and strengthening China’s own aeronautical materials and process technology?”
 Outlook on overall aeronautical materials demand during “long-term development plan of China Civil Aviation Industry (2013-2020)”
 Tier 1 suppliers such as AVIC Xi’an , AVIC Gas Turbine, will discuss their choice on aeronautical materials
 IP protection issues with introduction of advanced technology and mechanism

Panel Discussion II “According to ‘long-term development plan of China Civil Aviation Industry (2013-2020)’, should China rapidly increase investment in molding technologies of advanced aeronautical materials?”
 Outlook on overall advanced molding technologies demand during “long-term development plan of China Civil Aviation Industry (2013-2020)
 Investment casting technology associate with reliability and economy of aero-engine’s key components
 How far away are additive manufacturing from being used in actual production of aero-engines key components?
 Other advances molding technologies


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