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China Kiosk Show 2013 - The 10th China Self-service & Kiosk Show 2013


The 10th China Self-service & Kiosk Show 2013

China Kiosk Show 2013

China Kiosk Show 2013 - The 10th China Self-service & Kiosk Show 2013, will take place at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention CenterChina, during Sept. 4-6, 2013.

The 10th China Self-service & Kiosk Show 2013 (China Kiosk Show 2013) will focus on the development and innovation of future operation modes of the vending industry, the diversification and informatization of functions of vending machines, as well as the integration and complementation between vending machines amd other self-service terminals.

Dialogues and understanding between manufacturers, operators and traders at home and abroad for many years, it's fully confident that only those vending machines that adapt to the Chinese national conditions and satisfy consumer psychology and habits of the Chinese people can have the chance to exist. In addition to provision of food and drinks, vending machines will undertake more functions and services.

China Kiosk Show 2013 will build a self-service and vending platform and a grand event which is diversity-oriented and meets the needs of the industry development. It is both the objective of the Show and the common aspiration of the whole industry.


In conjunction with:

NFC Show 2013 - Mobile Payment & Near Field Communication Tech & Products Show 2013


Info kiosks, touch-screen inquiry equipment, touch and control integrated machines, ATM cash dispensers, bank teller terminals, photo kiosks, automatic ticket selling machines;

LCD touch screens, panel PCs, touch point solutions, kiosk enclosures, displays, CPUs, keyboard, trackballs, touch panels, telephone handsets, digital signage, other peripherals and accessories, printers and papers;

Comprehensive automatic vending systems, bill acceptors, biometric input devices, card readers, barcode scanning devices, cheque scanners;

Self-service terminals and solutions, self-service kiosks, laundry machines, coin-operated amusement machines, bag storage machines; self-service card punchers, entertainment song selectors, fitness facilities, mobile charges, multi-functional self-service toll devices and public facilities;

Software developers, content developers, complete kiosk hardware providers, turnkey system providers, equipment leasing, communications/network connectivity, public Internet access, equipment maintenance and remote monitoring, technical supports, integration services, industry resources, publications, and media.


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