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Compressor Expo 2013 - The 9th China (Beijing) International Air Compressor and Compressor Exhibition 2013


The 9th China (Beijing) International

Air Compressor and Compressor Exhibition 2013

Compressor Expo 2013 - The 9th China (Beijing) International Air Compressor and Compressor Exhibition 2013, will be held at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, from Aug. 8 to Aug. 10, 2013.

The 9th China (Beijing) International Air Compressor and Compressor Exhibition 2013 (Compressor Expo 2013) is a international expo that will prove to be beneficial for the technical and professional experts related to compressors manufacturing industry. These technicians and all sorts of compressors manufacturers and suppliers will get an opportunity to share their expertise with the attendees by taking an active part in this expo.

Compressor Expo 2013 will bring manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of various kinds of compressors under one roof. These manufacturers and suppliers will also get an opportunity to get familiar with air separation equipment, drying equipment and various kinds of air compressors by attending this international event.


1.Various kinds of air compressor and compressor: screw air compressor,piston air compressor, stationary compressor, portable air compressor, sliding-vane compressor, radial compressor,high pressure compressor,direct driven air compressor,belt driven air compressor,double pot compressor, reciprocating compressor, conditioning compressor, membrane compressor, turbo-compressor,oil compressor, oil free compressor,lubricant,gas compressor, air conditioning compressor,etc.
2.Compressed air dryer and filter,air compressor parts, air seperation plant, drying equipment, centrifuge, separator,filter press,lubricant, behind processing equipment of compressed air, expander, automatic dew point instrument, detecting instrument, pressure vessel,valve, cooling tower, air cylinder,generators, air source treatment facility, contractive dynamical system equipment, consumable parts,etc.
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