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The 9th China (Beijing) International Water Treatment, Pump, Valve and Pipe Equipment Exhibition 2013


The 9th China (Beijing) International

Water Treatment, Pump, Valve and Pipe Equipment Exhibition 2013

The 9th China (Beijing) International Water Treatment, Pump, Valve and Pipe Equipment Exhibition 2013, organized by Beijing Keshun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd, will be held at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, during Aug. 8-10, 2013.

The 8th China (Beijing) International Water Treatment, Pump, Valve and Pipe Equipment Exhibition covers approximately 15,000 square meters and attracts over 271 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and regions. And the exhibition attracts approximately 49,573 visitors. Domestic visitors mainly come from from 26 provinces, autonomous regions. Foreign visitors come from over 40 countries and regions, including Germany, UK, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, Austria.


Schedule for the 9th China (Beijing) International Water Treatment, Pump, Valve and Pipe Equipment Exhibition 2013:
Registration for Decoration: August 6th -7th , 2013
Exhibition Time: August 8th-10th, 2013
Standard Booth Decoration: August 7th,2013
Move-out Time: August 10th, 2013 4:00 p.m


Scope of invited viewers and buyers:
1. Government departments, water plants, water treatment engineering companies, sewage treatment plants, agents, dealers and distributors, building and kitchen distributors, consulting companies, scientific research and design institutions, business sectors, equipment installation firms
2.  Industrial consumers include steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical,electric power, paper making, printing, textile, dyeing, brewing, light industry, pharmacy ,mining, food, beverage, electronic, construction, firefighting, boiler industry.



Exhibits Scope:
◆Water treatment and sewage treatment: membrane technology and equipment, filtration equipment, sewage treatment technology and equipment, industrial waste water treatment technology and equipment, middle water reusing technology and equipment, direct-drinking water technology and equipment, drinking water treatment equipment, ultrapure water production technology and equipment, water cycling equipment, chemical water treatment technology and equipment, water treatment chemicals, active carbon, pressure vessel, centrifuge, etc

Pump: vacuum pump, centrifugal pump, metering pump, chemical pump, oil pump, fire pump, heat pump, clarified water pump, process pump, sludge pump, peripheral pump, self-sucking pump, multistage pump, anti-corrosive pump, pneumatic pump, piping pump, pulp pump, air conditioning pump, diving pump, swimming pool pump, submerged pump, magnetic pump, gear pump, screw pump, circular arc pump, high-viscosity pump, trash pump and other special pumps, associated series products and instruments;
Valve: brake valve, stop valve, throttle valve, gauge valves, plunger valve, plug valve, ball valve,
butterfly valve, check valve, pressure relief valve, safety valve, drain valve, adjustable valve, blowdown valve, electromagnetic valve, diaphragm valve, heat valve and various valves and drive sets, seals and valve accessories;

Pipe: various pipeline, tubings, pipe units ,pipeline accessory, fittings, heating tubes, various pipeline testing instruments and meters, pipeline cleaning equipment, pipeline manufacturing technology and equipment, etc;
Valve and pump production and manufacturing equipment inspection, testing machine, installation and maintenance equipment, relevant associated products and auxiliary equipment.


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