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CNIBEE 2013 - Guangzhou International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2013


Guangzhou International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2013


Guangzhou International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2013 (CNIBEE 2013), as China's most preferred trading platform for biomass energy companies, will be held at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou ComplexGuangzhou, during Aug. 19-21, 2013.

CNIBEE 2012 instantly attracted nearly 70 biomass energy enterprises, and altogether received almost 20,000 visitors,including 3529 foreign visitors coming from 23 contries like Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Sweden, Thailand, and 13316 domestic visitors, including those from leading companies, such as CNPC, Sinopec, Huangeng Renewables Corporation Limited, State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid, and so on.

Guangzhou International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2013 will devote efforts to cooperate with goverments as well as energy organizations and intensify cooperative extension for the purpose of promoting industrial development.Covering an area of 8000 square meters.

CNIBEE 2013 will gather over 200 exhibitors and closely collaborate with 300 industrial media. It is expected that 30,000 visitors will be  attracted,coming from more than 40 countries.

Hightlights of CNIBEE 2013
1.Free Accommodation for 1000 International Buyers
Eligible international buyers will be provided with free accommodation andy buyers can apply for it through on-line registration.
2.Strong Promotional Campaign
1,300,000 SMS will be sent to invite buyers in eight different times.The Organizing Committee will also deliver 200,000 visitor tickets to agents,contractors,investors and other buyers.30 domestic mass media and 20 international internets will report the show from beginning to end.Meanwhile,the Organizing Committe will also closely join hands with more than 300 domestic and foreign media.
3.Internationlized Operation & Professional Team
International Department will spend up to 6 months in inviting exhibitors and professional visitors by phone,fax,email and other channels.A million visitor tickets will also be sent regularly.
4.Sparkling Concurrent Event
Participants will include those from relevant goverment departments,associations,energy organizations,companies,financial institutions,investment bodies and other organizations.Aimed at discussing policies,establishing financing cooperation,exchanging scientific techonologies and taking a look at market prospects,China Biomass Energy Development and Investment & Financing Forum will contribute to setting up a platform for industrial exchanges,consensus building and win-win cooperation.
5.Association and Goverment Support
CNIBEE 2013 will be supported by global new energy industry associations and over 100 relevant  goverment authorities,such as Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province,China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion,Chinese Academy of Sciences,and so on.Hence,their attention and support will offer favorable guarantee for effective results.

Concurrent Events:
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GWHE 2013 - The 8th Guangzhou International Water Heater Exhibition
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Target Visitors:
◆Domestic and foreign goverments,organs,development and reform comminssions,scientific research units,associations,decision-making bodies,electric power planning and research institutes;
◆Biomass products and equipment manufacturing companies;
◆Biomass power plants,waste power plants,power stations,electric power companies,power engineering companies,mechanical and electrical installation companies;
◆Beverage,alcohol,sugar manufacturers;coating,baking varnish,electroplating and food processing companies;
◆Agricultural/forestry/herding/breeding hospitals;
◆Restaurants,hotels,academies and finacial institution;
◆Agents,dealers,contractors,import and export corporations,engineering,consulting corporations;
◆Investment institutions,law offices,accounting firms and solid waste regulatory authorities.


Exhibition Scope:

◆Biomass boilers, stoves and combustors: biomass steam boiler, water boiler, hot blast stove, fireplace, energy-saving dinnerware, etc;
◆Biomass solid particle fuel compression molding equipment: briquetting machine, forming machine, compression molding equipment, granulation machine, drying equipment, etc;
◆Biomass generator sets and gas power machinery: coal bed methane, coking gas, methane, straw syngas, biomass gasification power generation system, etc;
◆Biomass fuels: solid particle, biodiesel, fuel ethanol, biogas, etc;
◆Biogas technologies & engineering equipment: biogas project, biogas digester, fermenting enzyme, biogas desulfurization equipment, etc;
◆Biomass crushers, transfer machines, harvesters and feed processing machines: crusher, chipping machine, barking machine, bander, baler, feeding system, etc;
◆Biomass combustion technologies, biomass gasification power generation technologies, biomass liquefaction technologies, biological alcohol, diesel production technologies and equipment;
◆Solid waste utilization and marine biomass energy: pyrolysis liquefaction plant equipment, industry waste gas and heat recovery, marine biomass energy utilization, etc.


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