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China International Coffee Industry Exhibition 2013


China International Coffee Industry Exhibition 2013

About the trade fair in China

China International Coffee Industry Exhibition 2013, hosting by China World Trade Center (CWTC), will take place at China (Beijing) National Agriculture Exhibition Center (CNAEC), during June 20-22, 2013.

China International Coffee Industry Exhibition is world's only trade fair for requirements of the coffee market.

China International Coffee Industry Exhibition is a finest event which will offer complete snapshot of the entire coffee market.

China International Coffee Industry Exhibition 2013 will serve as a high-level platform for enterprises both home and abroad. Their presence at the Exhibition will enable overseas producers to enter the market of China and bring with them advanced technology and management in the field.


Coffee and coffee products:
Coffee beans, coffee, coffee mate, coffee slices, coffee chocolate, coffee drinks

Business and home use coffee utensils and equipment:
Coffee makers, coffee vending machines, coffee roasting and grinding equipment, coffee bean grinders (manual/automatic), specialized coffee furnaces, coffee pots, coffee vessels, coffee gift packages, water purification devices and other coffee drinking utensils

Coffee processing and production equipment and technology:
Coffee bean processing equipment, coffee bean decorticators, coffee bean hullers, coffee bean cleaning and grading equipment, coffee bean grinders, coffee mixers, blenders, sifters, coating equipment, freeze drying equipment, coffee powder processing equipment, coffee essence spray drying equipment, decaffeinating equipment.


Name: China World Trade Center (CWTC)
Address: N0.1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue Beijing 100004, China
Tel: +86-10-6505 2288
Official Website: Click to Visit

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