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SIWE 2014 - 2014 China Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition


2014 China Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition

SIWE 2014


2014 China Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition (SIWE 2014), taken by Beijing Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd, will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC, Formerly Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion) during June 18-20, 2014.

2014 China Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition (SIWE 2014) will provide a dynamic opportunity to the exhibitors to display wide array of product and services. Moreover the buyers will get a chance to take look at the displayed products and services and satisfy their business requirement as per their choices and demands. Masses from different parts of the world will be attending the conference.

2014 China Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition (SIWE 2014) will also offer networking opportunity and profitable business plants to the participants. Some of the products that will be exhibited in the exhibition are processing machinery, sawn timber, wood preservative, carbonized wood and more.


Exhibits Range of 2014 China Imported Wood (Shanghai) Exhibition (SIWE 2014)

Furniture, wood flooring, wall cabinets, wood processing enterprises, decoration companies, building materials, timber market, construction unit, construction supervision department, port terminal and logistics company, domestic distributors or agents, international Sourcing Group; international traders, in domestic commercial Service and other purchasing groups. Moreover the products and the services that will be exhibited in the event are Wood type such as Russia wood, Canada timber, USA timber, timber in Europe, North America, wood, African wood, wood in South America, Southeast Asia, wood, Australia timber, Part of the domestic wood: fir, pine, camphor, elm, beech, walnut, gum, ash, mahogany, teak, pineapple, basil, Phoebe, oak, oak, walnut, cherry, maple wood, birch, poplar, Du wood, cedar, catalpa wood, oak, etc, processing of timber, sawn timber, wood preservative, carbonized wood, wood technology, modified, and fire retardant lumber, molding, wood profiles, etc, plate categories including OU song board, particle board, plywood, blockboard or Daixinban, MDF or fiberboard, melamine board, broken wood, wood wool board, Sound absorbing panels, decorative panels, MDF, HPL, veneer, wood plates, etc, Accessories including adhesives, desiccants, preservatives, anti cracking agent, dye, modifiers, plate additive, Formaldehyde Scavenger, wood powder, Phenolic resin, water based Wood, wood wax, wood management agencies, timber certification, timber trading companies, industry associations, and logistics Companies, transportation companies, professional journals, information media, auxiliary industries, processing machinery including a variety of woodworking machinery, sheet metal processing machines, profile processing machinery, wood and other related instrumentation.


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Beijing Jingzheng Exhibition & Show was founded in 2002, the "Jingzheng Mother-Infant-Child Products Fair" it hold as the largest and most influential fair in China Mother-baby industry.

MICF is short for Jingzheng Mother-Infant-Child Products Fair, since 2003 it was hold totally 14 times, two times in a year, respectively in Guangzhou and Beijing. Through these years development and persistence,  under the the development of Chinese economy , the exhibition space of  MICF reach to 55000㎡, its 15th fair from the initial 2500㎡, the exhibited catalogue ranges every kind of goods in life including transportation, housing, food, clothes, education , entertainment and so on. At the same time, MICF started the national Order-placing meeting in key cities to enhance the information exchange in this industry for professionals in this circle, it make them know more about the market in every areas and boost the development of regional mother-baby industry.

During the development, Jingzheng always set the aim of serving for mother-baby industry, offering the trading platform for distributors, and building the bridge for communication. MICF is taking responsible for and promoting the development of Chinese mother-baby industry and building a platform for trading, communicating and serving for brand owners, manufacturers, retailers, agents and franchisees, being the leader of Chinese mother-baby industrial fair.

To build a opportunity to face to face exchange and communicate between mother-baby enterprises and overseas buyers,  Jingzheng started to cooperate with international fairs and organized the group to visit KIND+JUGEND 2011 in Cologne Germany. It was a complete new platform for Chinese Mother-baby enterprises know more about international fairs and the industrial trend of international brands and attract overseas buyers.

The future 10 years, Jingzheng will continue to support the development of Chinese mother-baby industry and care for Chinese child and baby in the way of honest management idea and professional service, making Jingzheng be the most influential international brand fair.  

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