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EDME 2013 - The 9th Shanghai External Wall Decoration Materials and Bonding Technology Expo 2013


The 9th Shanghai External Wall Decoration Materials and Bonding Technology Expo 2013

EDME 2013




The 9th Shanghai External Wall Decoration Materials and Bonding Technology Expo 2013 (EDME 2013), organized by Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co.,Ltd, will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) during Nov.20-22, 2013. 


ª   “2012 8th Shanghai External Wall Decoration Materials Expo (September 28th 2012)” came to a successful end in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, and attracted exhibitors from 31 countries and regions as America, Germany, France,Britain, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, China mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc. As the most professional external wall decoration materials expo in China, the exhibited products as Clay board, ceramic sheet, insulation decorative board and other products obtained the high praise from the design, construction companies and users as architectural design institutes, key engineering projects and real estate developers.      

ª  The 3-day expo attracted 42,976 professionals including 4,380 oversea visitors. 80% of exhibitors reached agent/distributor agreements, 70 exhibitors booked for the next expo in 2012, 91% expressed satisfaction on the number of visitors and so do 85% with the quality of visitors. 97% exhibitors were satisfied with the on-site service by the sponsors and exhibitors agreed that the Expo was a must-attend event in the decoration industry every year;

ª  It is organized in parallel with “China Designers 2013 6th Shanghai Annual Meeting” sponsored by World   Chinese Merchants Union Association, World Designers Association, China Design Union, Hong Kong World Chinese Designers Association, undertaken by National Federation of Architectural Decoration Chamber of Commerce and China Designers Art Saloon, and operated by Shanghai Shangcheng International Media, and Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd., which will gather designer elites from all over China in packed houses.

ª  Market background: the ministry of finance and the ministry of construction of urban and rural housing jointly issued the notice of “The implementation opinions on promoting our green buildings development “, which definite that through the establishment of financial incentive mechanism, and a sound standard and evaluation identification system and many other kinds of means , pushing forward the relevant scientific and technological progress and industrial development strive to achieve green building accounted for the proportion of new buildings more than 30% by 2020.

ª  The two ministries made clear in the notice of the main target and basic principles of promoting green building development, in addition to boost the green building proportion in the new buildings, also by 2014 the public housings in municipalities directly under the central government, cities specifically designated in the state plan and capital cities fully implement the green building standard; by 2015 the new green building area increases 1 billion square meters decoration materials. In exterior wall decoration materials, building materials with the superior performance of decoration, energy conservation, environmental protection and the exterior wall decoration materials with a variety of functions will have a stronger competitiveness and occupy a great part of the market share!



Mr. Kenny Hu

Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd     

Address:Room 1808, Mingshen Business Square, No 400 Caobao Rd., Shanghai P.R.C(200233)

Tel: 0086-21-54500848

Fax: 0086-21-5171 4505  



Shanghai Decoration Industry Associations

Address: Block C, D, Building 14, Kaikai Plaza, No. 888, Wanhangdu Road, Shanghai 

Tel: 021-52375393          

Contact: Mr. Ying ZaiYang  Miss Ni


China Ceramics Industrial Association, Technical Committee for Tiling

Address: Rm.351, Rear 3/f, Bailing Building, No.1 Qian Street, Zuojiazhuang, Chaoyang District ,Beijing, China.

Tel: 010-58934176

Contact: Secretary-general Dong Mingshi



China Real Estate of The Home of Chief Engineer

Address: Room 319, 38 Baiwanzhuang Subdistrict, Xicheng District, Beijing

Postal code: 100037

Hotline: 0086-10-68340327

Contact person: Shi Yunfei (secretary-general)


         Exhibition details

+          New Wall Decoration Materials: building ceramic plate, terracotta panels, ceramic plate, dry hanging brick, decorative wall panels, wall tiles, polymer decorative wall plate, PVC exterior wall hanging plate, decorative wall plate, wood siding, fiber cement board, diatomite, sandstone walls, walls of GRC;

+          Metal trim: aluminum-plastic plates, aluminum veneer, decorative aluminum plate, AI-Zn coated steel, aluminum honeycomb plate; copper decoration plate, copper plate; titanium zinc decorative board;

+          Coating for exterior wall: latex paint for exterior wall, outer wall: stone, cement paint, exterior wall external insulation coating, fluorocarbon paint, spraying equipment;

+          Insulation decoration: fire insulation decorative integration board, phenolic board, marble decorative plate, decorative panels, fire isolated belt;

+          Stone products: antique brick, stone culture and art, special-shaped stone all kinds of granite, marble, mosaic, external wall facing brick, tile, ceramic tile, polished tile, slate, stone carving handicrafts, artificial stone products and garden landscape stone; stone processing machinery and equipment and maintenance products;

+          Building glue: dry hanging plastic, plastic marble, tile, cement mortar base adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive, epoxy adhesive, sealant, adhesive for architecture structure, tile adhesive, plastic curtain wall, glass adhesive, sealant, such as foam;

Related activities


         1. In order to improve the authority of the exhibition and participation of professionals, the organizers will invite authoritative persons in the industry during the exhibition to hold related high-level seminars about the development trend, market demand and new technologies of external wall decoration materials in China.

         2. During the exhibition, the sponsors will invite domestic and foreign famous manufacturers and merchants to organize technical exchange meetings to develop international communication in technology, economy and trade and introduce products. Each participant can apply with the organizer. Please choose your own exchange theme.

         3. In parallel with: The 9th China (Shanghai) International External Wall (External Thermal Insulation) System and Construction Technology Expo 2013.



1. Exhibitors choose the exhibition area and position.

2. Exhibitors shall pay 50% of the total exhibition fee as the advanced payment within 3 working days when signing the exhibition contract by both parties, the contract comes into effect, the exhibition booth will be kept.

3. Exhibitors shall pay the left 50% exhibition booth fee before September.18.2013 (the advanced payment will not be returned before September.18.2013).

4. The brief introduction of the exhibitors will be submitted to the committee.

5. Arrange the exhibition booth from November 18 to 19, 2013, (to ensure the whole exhibition image that the sponsors keep the right to final adjustment of the position of exhibitors’ booth), exhibition negotiation from November 20 to 22.


Name: Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Address: Room 1808, Mingshen Business Plaza, No.400, Caobao Road, Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-5109 7799 / 5450 0848
Fax: +86-21-5171 4505
Official Website: Click to Visit

Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd. is founded, based on, developed in China's exhibition city Shanghai. Since founded in 2002, after development over a decade, it has accumulated rich experience in exhibitions with a united and professional team. The company also owns senior exhibition managers with a young and international management team; keeps good cooperation with at home and abroad institutions and government departments in multiple industries.
Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd.  involves in wide range of industries. Cooperated by Messe Frankfurt, ISH Shanghai has become the acclaimed brand exhibition in heating and ventilation industry. Others such as building water supply and drainage, water treatment (BWT Expo), floor industry (China Floor Expo), thermal insulation material (TIM Expo), dry mortar (Mortar Expo), construction materials testing (BiL China), and etc all have win the respect and praise.

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