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IMPE 2013 - The 9th China (TianJin) International Metalworking Technology & Equipment Exhibition

  • VENUE: Tianjin Binhai Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC)
    Location & Details of Tianjin Binhai Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC)
  • VENUE ADDRESS: Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Centre,5th Avenue,TEDA,Tianjin
  • ORGANIZER: Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • Contact:Jinfen Wang (Overseas Sale)
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: +86-157 2207 3751
  • Fax: +86-22-6622 4099
  • CITY:Tianjin
  • INDUSTRY:Metal, Minerals & Foundry
  •  Machinery, Mineral & Metallurgy
  •  Metal Form
  •  Processing
  • DATE: 2013/08/21 - 2013/08/24 Expired!


The 9th China (TianJin) International Metalworking Technology & Equipment Exhibition

IMPE 2013

The 9th China (TianJin) International Metalworking Technology & Equipment Exhibition (IMPE 2013), with the theme of  "Innovation, Excellence-creating, Famous brand creating, Mutual benefit", organized by Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd and is to be held at Tianjin Binhai Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC) from August 21 to August 24, 2013. It will use all 9 indoor halls of exhibition center for 2000 international standard booths. The general exhibition area will be over 60,000 square meters.

China (TianJin) International Metalworking Technology & Equipment Exhibition (IMPE) as the most authoritative and professional metals processing exhibition in the north China’s economic center -Tianjin, has got high attention and great support from both related departments of government and the leading enterprises in related industry. And, over 150 famous domestic media like CCTV, Tianjin TV, Xinhua News Agency, China Business Newspaper,  Tianjin Jin Wan Newspaper etc will report the whole exhibition.

●   IMPE 2013 Review:

The standard booths of IMPE 2013were over 2000, and the general exhibition area was 80,000 square meters. There were about 1200 domestic and oversea exhibitors joined, they exhibited 1700 complete appliance machines, of which the numerical control rate was over 92%. Many world famous companies brought their newest products and technologies, such as:American HAAS, American HARDINGE, Korea DOOSAN , Switzerland EAO, especially Japan Mitsubishi Motors, Japan MAZAKS, Japan Yamazen, Johnford, Hartford, Jiuh-Yeh, China Dalian Machine Tools Co., Ltd、China Baoji Machine Tools Co., Ltd, Guilin Machine Tools Co., Ltd, Beijing Machine Tools Research Institute,etc!

Which indicates Internationalization of IMPE 2013 was over 34%. Most exhibitors and visitors had a good evaluation of IMPE 2011, they said they got more than they expected. Over 150 News Media reported the exhibition, including: Morning News Reports (CCTV-1), China News Report (CCTV-4), Tianjin News (TJTV), News Reports (Hebei TV), Binhai News Reports (Binhai TV).

According to the information from IMPE 2013 questionnaire, exhibitors gave a very good evaluation to the exhibition. More than 87% exhibitors reached directly turnover, 85% exhibitors and 92% visitors were willing to join IMPE 2013.

 ●  Sponsored by

      China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council

      Zhenwei Exhibition Group

 Organized by

      Zhenwei Exhibition Group

      Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd.

IMPE 2013 POST SHOW REPORT (New! Updated on September 3, 2013)

IMPE 2013 PRESS RELEASE (New! Updated on September 3, 2013)



Exhibits Profile:

Metal Cutting Machine Tools: Machine center &Milling Machines, Turning Machines (Lathes), Boring Machines, Sawing/ shaping/ broaching/ planning, Gear cutting machines, Modular machines& modular unites, Machine center ¶llel kinematic machines (PKM), Drilling and Tapping Machines, FMC/ FMS &automatic devices, Cutting tool grinding machines, Honing grinding machines &Super-finishing grinding machines;

Metal Forming Machines: Sheet metal cutting machines and machining center, Shearing machines for sheet, plate and profile, Sheet, plate and tube spinning machines, Bar/tube bending and forming machines, Straightening machines &Wire forming machines, Transfer press/ Nibbling machines, Presses;

Non-traditional machines and special purpose machines: Die sinking EDM , Wire cutting EDM, Electro-chemical machines, Flame cutting machines, Plasma cutting machines, Water jet cutting machines , Rapid prototyping manufacturing (RPM), Marking and engraving machines, Surface treatment and coating equipment, Vacuum forming machines;

Numerical control systems: digital readout units, machine tool apparatus; machine toll components and Auxiliary equipments; abrasive, cutting tools, tooling. jig fixture &related products; Inspection, measuring equipments.

Exhibition Schedule:
Booths arrangement: Aug. 18th, 2013.   09:00-17:30
                                        Aug. 19th, 2013.   09:00-17:30
                                        Aug. 20th, 2013.   09:00-17:30
\Opening ceremony:   Aug. 21th, 2013.   09:30-10:00
Exhibition:                    Aug. 21th, 2013.   10:00-16:30
                                       Aug. 22th, 2013.    09:00-16:30
                                        Aug. 23th, 2013.    09:00-16:30
                                        Aug.24th, 2013 .    09:00-14:00
Closing:                        Aug. 24st, 2013.    14:00—16:30


Booth Types & Charges:

A.  International standard booth: RMB 20000 /9m2+6% VAT

regular size: 3m x 3m. (This option includes back & side walls、fascia board,、one consulting table、two chairs、one fluorescent lighting and two spot light and one power socket. If special lighting is needed, please inform beforehand, it would be charged accordingly.)

B.  Raw Space:RMB 2000/㎡ +6% VAT(min. rent area: 36m2)

 (The exhibitors can appoint their own stand contractor or delegate official contractor to customize their stand design. No rack or equipment is supplied.)

Exhibit Space Arrangement: The organizer will assign booths on a basis of “first come, first served”. The organizer keeps few booths for flexibility.

Technical Lecture:  If any exhibitor is willing to hold a technical lecture, they can choose their topic and content.

    Sponsor will serve their correlative service. Time: 1 hour; Expense: RMB1800/per lecture. We will supply sound box, projector, screen, table-water and other necessity. If you think this method can help you to publish your technique to your potential customers and deserve to hold a lecture, please connect to sponsor in advance. (Report your Topic, Content, speaker name to organizing committee before July 15, 2013)


● Sponsorships:

The organizing committee welcomes domestic and overseas enterprises to join us as title sponsorship companies for building more famous brand of each side. There are three sponsorship levels:

 Level-A:  sponsoring RMB 300,000;

 Level-B:  sponsoring RMB 200,000;

 Level-C:  sponsoring RMB 100,000.


Exhibition Advertisements:

Exhibitors' Catalogue is the best advertisement way for displaying exhibitor's corporate images and products, and also, it is the best way for communication between exhibitors and professional visitors. Catalogue will help exhibitors seek more clients after exhibition. The organizing committee will not only distribute the catalogues to professional visitors on site, but also mail it to those who can not participate in the show by powerful database after exhibition. Potential clients can contact exhibitors directly and easily with the help of catalogue.

Picture size:130mm × 210mm. The advertisement fee should be made one-time payment in advance. For those companies which cannot participate in the exhibition for some reason, they can make advertisements on Exhibitors' Catalogue or on site.

Notice: Exhibitors should provide film or finished designed materials for advertisement. If exhibitors require the organizing committee designing and making materials, USD 100 should be paid in advance for cost and charge.


Exhibitors' Catalogue Advertisements:







Head Page


Back Cover


Color Inset


Inside Front Page


Color Inlay



Special Recommended Advertisements and Expenses:



Form of Advertisement

Publishing Price

Visitor Ticket

21cm x 8.5cm

Whole page on the back


Invitation Letter

21cm x 17cm

Whole page on the back


Hand Bag


Whole page on the back


Color Balloon

Diameter 2.5(m)

Including 12m-scroll ad.

RMB6,000/per balloon

Rainbow Gate

Span 18(m)

Including 8m-scroll ad.

RMB 9,000/per gate



Indoor 2nd Floor

RMB 2,000/banner


Participating Procedure:

   1. Please fill up the form Application and Contract with company seal and signature of responsible officer, then fax or mail the application paper to the organizing committee.(Final date: June 30, 2013)

2. After your application has been confirmed by the organizing committee, please send full payment to the appointed account by T/T within 10 days, then fax your cash remittance to the Organizing Committee for check.

3. After receiving your full payment, the Organizing Committee requires your company's logo picture and brief introduction (less than 500 characters), two pictures of your exhibits, please send these items to: for us organizing professional visitors and advertising for you.

4. Exhibitors reception and accommodation、exhibits transportation, more details, please read Exhibitor's Manual which will be sent or e-mailed by organizer at the middle time of June, 2013.




Name: Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: Zhenwei Mansion,Services outsourcing Industrial Park,The 6th Ave,TEDA,Tianjin,China
Tel: +86-22-6622 4086/6622 4066
Fax: +86-22-6622 4099
Official Website: Click to Visit

Zhenwei Exhibition founded in 2000. It was evaluated as one of the top ten influential exhibition organizations of China In 2006. Zhen Wei Group was selected as one of the top ten exhibition companies in 2007. It was evaluated as an exhibition company having the most development potential in China in 2008. Zhenwei Exhibition is the Deputy-Chairman Enterprise of China Convention & Exhibition Society and has been a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
In recent 10 years, Zhenwei has included five sole corporations, Guangdong ZhenWei Guozhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Shaanxi Zhenwei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. and Xinjiang Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd. We specialize in exhibition industry, communication industry and information industry and e-commerce.
Standing on clients' success and focusing on their needs, Beijing, Tianjin,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an and Urumchi Zhenwei companies with professional service and quality operation management organize over twenty professional exhibitions every year in the fields of petroleum and chemical, coal mining electricity, metallurgy, energy conservation in construction, building templet, heat supplying, environmental protection, machinery, metal processing, industrial automation, battery & power, agriculture, fabric & clothing etc.
“Profession, commitment, innovation and service” are our working philosophy. Zhenwei Exhibition guided by the principle of international development has been committing to cultivate brand events. We hope to fuel regional economic growth through exhibition industry development impelled by our brand shows.
Zhenwei Exhibition cultivates to be a specialized well-known brand, has finished its strategic arrangement in the whole nation's exhibition market and will concentrate in Asian exhibition cities, including Beijing,Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Singapore, and HK etc, aims to establish a first-class exhibition brand in Asia, by meeting global economic development trend and developing in the professional, branding and international way.

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