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ERE 2013 - 2013 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo


2013 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo

ERE 2013

2013 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo (ERE 2013)  is to be held at China (Beijing) National Agriculture Exhibition Center (CNAEC) during Sept.16-18, 2013. ERE 2013 is organized by North International Exhibition Co.,Ltd, & Beijing Singls International Exhibition Co.,ltd.

2013 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo (ERE 2013) will further enhance the development of the field of China's rescue, promote the international exchange of experience to respond to the disposition of the various types of disasters and emergencies. 

To provide an exchange platform for the government units and the community to know more about the rescue equipment and technology, 2013 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo (ERE 2013) will showcase the techniques and equipment of emergency prevention and emergency rescue from in and abroad.

Natural disaster has been the major issues restricting the development and affecting people’s livelihood. In recent years, various of major natural disasters occur frequently in China and abroad. Frequent devastating earthquake with unusually severe impact and the geological disasters present a significantly increasing trend. All kinds of frequent natural disasters including severe droughts and floods have been rarely seen in history with the wide range impact, hard relief and large losses.

On the basis of the key emphasis of the recent disaster prevention work and the development of the field of emergency relief, the Organizer of 2013 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo (ERE 2013) will invite large manufactures of relevant industries as disaster warning and rescue equipment, as well the professional visitors from disaster prevention and emergency management units that will guide the procurement of equipment and supplies, and further enhance the emergency relief equipment research and develop technology, improve the national emergency relief mechanisms, structures procurement and mobilized emergency relief platform, and provide the best solutions for government emergency management and product procurement.

Topical Forum
Prevention, research and rescue of the emergency
Solution of public health security
The character of natural disasters in China
The introduce of the disaster mitigation and relief equipment demand condition
The exchange and promotion of the relevant products and technology.


Organizing Committee of 2013 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo (ERE 2013) 

Authorized by: Ministry of Commerce,  P. R. China
Organized by: China North Industries Corp.
                          North International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Supported by: Emergency Response Office, PLA General Staff
                          Equipment & Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, P. R. China.
                          Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, P. R. China.
                          National Security and Emergency Rescue Command Center
                          Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters
                          China North Industries Group Corporation
                          China South Industries Group Corporation
                          The International Emergency Management Society
                           Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee

NEW! Updated on July 30, 2013

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Exhibition Characteristic
* Special vehicle
* Use of military technology
* Emergency rescue products
* Policy interpretation
* The government operation mechanism
* The demands orientation of department concerned
* Experience from international
* Professional discussion exchange and cooperation

Exhibition Range
1. Disaster mitigation and relief technology and equipment:
     Rescue equipment, emergency protecting mechanical equipment, communication equipment, first-aid and epidemic prevention equipment, forest fire extinguishing and fire detection equipment, High-voltage wires deicing equipment, and disaster detection equipment related with earthquake, tsunami, avalanche, volcanic eruption, typhoon, etc.
2. Disaster prediction, detection technology and equipment:
    Disaster (earthquake disasters, meteorological disasters, marine disasters, floods, droughts, fires, etc.) early warning, prevention, measurement, testing and quality testing equipment and application technology; food safety monitoring equipment, air testing equipment, social and public health, production safety, nuclear security technology and equipment.
3. Disaster relief reserve material and public emergencies supply:
    Sleeping bag, tent, exposure suit, blanket, food, water, supplies of first-aid, communication, lighting, heating, self-rescue, etc.
4. Security protection technology and equipment:
Personal protective equipment, financial security equipment, anti-terrorism equipment, civil defense equipment, police equipment, safe production inspection  security equipment, traffic safety facility, pro-environment facility, monitoring system, fire alarm system, special vehicle, etc.
5. New artificial influence on weather systems and related facilities
6. Reconstruction related industries:
Advanced technology of disaster prevention and mitigation,program, design, urban emergency systems, insurance companies, banks, international aid agencies, relief organizations, disaster prevention drills.

Exhibition Fees
1. Standard Booth: $2800/9㎡
    Including: negotiating table and chairs, lighting fixtures, a 220V receptacle, fascia board, carpet, plates.
    Note: The above facilities are of 9㎡ booth standard.
2. Raw Place: $280/m2
    Note: There are no facilities in raw place; exhibitors are responsible for the design and installation by their own.
3. Outdoor Raw Place: $200/㎡


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