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Productronica China 2014


Productronica China 2014


In conjunction with Electronica China 2014 (The 13th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications)Productronica China 2014 will be held at the same venue, Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) during Mar.18-20, 2014. 


Why Should you Visit  electronica China & productronica China 2014?

electronica China & productronica China cover the whole spectrum of the electronics industry from electronic components to electronics production
Top-class conference program reflecting the hot topics in China
Face-to-face contact with important representatives of key companies as well as with representatives of new, growing companies
Expertise of Messe München International as organizer of leading events for the electronics industry worldwide
Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre – perfect location for world-class trade fairs


In 2013, 737 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their products and applications at Electronica and Productronica China 2013.

Exhibition profile

Productronica China is amongst the leading innovative platforms focusing on electronic manufacturing equipment. Taking place in parallel to electronica China in Shanghai on the SNIEC fair ground, they present the whole spectrum of the electronics industry in China.

Productronica China demonstrates a close link to the world’s leading trade fair productronica in Munich, Germany. The fair in China is still developing and attracts more and more local and international exhibitors who are entering into the Chinese market.

Productronica China is an innovative platform focusing on electronic manufacturing equipment including wire and cable processing, SMT, test and measurement, PCB, welding materials and equipment, tools and electronics manufacturing services.
The Innovation Forums targeted at wire & cable processing and green manufacturing can provide the global state-of-the-art solutions to the Chinese electronics manufacturing community.


Exhibition Sectors of productronica China 2014

Materials processing
1.01  Mechanical processing
1.02  Welding
1.03  Fastening, connecting
1.04  Machining equipment, miscellaneous
1.05  Chemical and electroplate processing
1.06  Laser materials processing
1.07 System periphery for laser-based manufacturing

Semiconductor and display manufacturing
2.01  Wafers and substrates
2.02  Mask and artwork generation
2.03  Lithography, substrate/wafer processing
2.04  Thin-film generation
2.05  Etching equipment
2.06  Drying equipment
2.07  Equipment for mechanical machining
2.08  Manufacturing and machining equipment, miscellaneous
2.09  Wafer/substrate handling
2.10  Chip handling
2.11  Bonding
2.12  Chip packaging
2.13  Display manufacturing
2.14  Materials, parts
2.15  Substrate processing for displays
2.16  Panel processing
2.17  Clean-room technology
2.18  Measurement, detection and control systems
2.19  Process control software

Component manufacturing
3.01  Coilware
3.02  Lumped components

Component mount technology / SMT
Manufacturing equipment and logistics for PCBs and other circuit carriers
4.01  Base materials
4.02  Circuit-printing tools and photomasters
4.03  Tools and accessories
4.04  Generating circuit structure
4.05  Chemical processing of PCBs
4.06  Heat treatment, drying
4.07  Clean-room technology
4.08  MID production
4.09  Conveyors, handling and storage technology
4.10  Process control software for PCB production

Production logistics and material-flow technology
5.01  Information acquisition
5.02  Purchasing
5.03  Merchandise management systems
5.04  Logistics management
5.05  Material-flow control and software
5.06  Transportation and conveyor technology
5.07  Storage technology and commissioning systems
5.08  Packaging technology
5.09  Complete solutions and turnkey systems for logistics

Technologies in cable processing
6.01  Cable and wire processing
6.02  Tools for wiring
6.03  Crimping
6.04  Others
6.05  Cable-protection devices
6.06  Processing equipment for cable-protection devices
6.07  Technology for detachable connections

Soldering technology
7.01  Solders and soldering aids
7.02  Paste application systems
7.03  Coating equipment
7.04  Soldering units
7.05  Soldering facilities
7.06  Soldering accessories
7.07  Gluing, dispensing

Manufacturing equipment and logistics for assemblies, modules and hybrids
8.01  Assembly
8.02  Repair and rework
8.03  Programming equipment, memory components
8.04  Protective coating and potting
8.05  Marking and identification

Test and measurement technology for semi finished goods and finished products
9.01  Measuring/testing of geometric parameters
9.02  Mechanical parameters
9.03  Time and time-based parameters
9.04  Thermal units
9.05  Environmental parameters
9.06  Chemical and biological parameters
9.07  Optical and acoustical parameters
9.08  Image/pattern recognition and processing
9.09  Electrical parameters
9.10  Communication test equipment
9.11  Mobile radio measurement equipment
9.12  Protective-measure test devices
9.13  Test systems
9.14  Software tools for test systems
9.15  Peripheral equipment
9.16  Specialized laboratory/test equipment
9.17  Visual inspection, image processing
9.18  Conveyors, handling systems, test adapters

General operation aids and production subsystems
10.01  Preliminary products and semi-finished goods, metallic
10.02  Preliminary products and semi-finished goods, non-metallic
10.03  Process materials
10.04  Plant equipment
10.05  Decontamination, cleaning, disposal (environmental management)
10.06  Recirculation systems, supply, recycling
10.07  Mechanical processing, precision mechanics
10.08  Software and fab-controlling systems

Production related services
11.01  Information provision
11.02  Production services
11.03  Brainware
11.04  Other services


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