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2014 Asia Expo Shanghai - 2014 I.S.N American Education Expo

  • VENUE: TBA (To Be Announced) / TBC (To Be Confirmed)
  • ORGANIZER: Isn Inc. American Education Expo
  • Official Website: Click to Visit
  • E-Mail:

  • Tel: +1-215 525 4855
  • Fax: +1-212 937 3557
  • CITY:Shanghai
  • INDUSTRY:Education & Training
  • DATE: 2014/03/23 - 2014/03/23 Expired!



2014 I.S.N American Education Expo

2014 Asia Expo Shanghai

100% of the countries featured on ISN's Asia Expos are ranked amongst either the Top Places of Origin by the Institute of International Education, or the Best Prospective Markets by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The 2014 I.S.N American Education Expo Shanghai station is to be held on Mar.23, 2014. One day after the Guangzhou Station.

The 2014 I.S.N American Education Expo Shanghai station will provide a unique opportunity to meet and interact with hundreds of students in several countries during a short period of time. In addition to getting to know some great candidates, you also begin forming key relationships with school guidance counselors. I anticipate that our school will see the benefits of the tour for years to come


Name: Isn Inc. American Education Expo
Address: 1500 Market Street, 12th Floor, East Tower. Philadelphia, PA 19102,
Tel: 215-525-4855, 215-473-6596
Fax: 1-212-937-3557, 215-477-7378
Official Website: Click to Visit

The International Student Network (ISN) introduces admissions teams from U.S. undergraduate, graduate, and language programs to the finest international applicants in the world. The most educated, financially independent, and qualified students from each market flock to ISN's American Education Expos to meet the admissions counselors who are so instrumental to their decisions to seek education in the U.S.

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