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Art Macao 2013 - 2013 the 1st Art Macao


Art Macao 2013 - 2013 the 1st Art Macao,2013首届艺术澳门博览会  Art Macao 2013

2013 the 1st Art Macao

Art Macao 2013 - The 1st Art Macao is to be held in the most popular Cotai Strip Expo, the Venetian Macao during the busy business and travel season on May 30 - June 2, 2013. Your organization is cordially invited to attend the grand event.

Art Macao 2013 aimed by "Embrace Asia" is estimated to attract more than 70 famous art institutes or artists from mainland, Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan.Art Macao 2013 venue is divided into the Contemporary Art Section, Classics Art Section and Artwork Auction Section.

Artworks cover Chinese calligraphy, oil painting, printmaking, sketch, sculpture, installation, photo, antique, jewelry, etc. During the grand occasion, many artwork investors, political and commercial elites as well as banking high-end customers will attend Art Macao 2013. Besides, the expo invites Mr Zhaoli who is a famous curator act as the academic consultant,renowned scholar Wang Luxiang is to be invited to lead the symposium. Since its opening, Venetian Macao® has maintained the average daily attendance up to 60,000 person-times, and the number of visitor to Art Macao 2013 is expected to reach 20,000 person-times.

Art Macao 2013 provides an effective platform for you to communicate and contact with investors from the circle of art and collection as well as the public, help you with an efficient connection with artwork investors and the general public, strongly pushing forward the prosperity of Macao art and culture market.

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Name: Macao Creative Industry Association (MCIA)
Tel: +853-2870 7186
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Official Website: Click to Visit

Macao Creative Industry Association (MCIA) is a non-profit social organization composed of enterprises and individuals engaged in the creative industry according to the principles of voluntary participation, equality. It is aimed at implementing the development strategy of “appropriate diversification of Macao economy”, and based on the integration of creative resources and talents, creating the exchange platform for creative industry so as to provide relevant policy consulting, suggestion and comment as well as promote the development of Macao creative industry. Macao Creative Industry Association has played an important role in promoting the sustained and healthy development of Macao economy through wide cooperation with various industries and many enterprises and the integration of creative strengths.

Name: Long Hei Group

Long Hei Group龙禧集团

Long Hei Group (Macao) Investment Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Macao in 2012. The company has been committed to the exhibition of artworks and the tourism real estate projects related to culture and art. It consists of Macao Long Hei International Auction Co., Ltd, Macao Long Hei Culture & Arts Co., Ltd, Macao Long Hei Art Museum (planning) and Macao Long Hei Culture & Art Exchange Center (planning). Long Hei has invested to establish the Zhuhai Long Hei Museum, Long Hei v Culture & Art Center and Zhuhai Long Hei Auction Co., Ltd, in Zhuhai City.

Macao Long Hei International Auction Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the artwork auction. In 2012, the company has successfully held the spring and autumn large-scale art works auctions and several special artworks auctions, during which, 848 pieces of artworks worth 993 million were hammered.
Zhuhai Long Hei Museum, a project with investment amounting to 100 million, was opened on December 20, 2010. The 1,400m2 museum boasts more than 13,000 pieces of artworks ranging from Hongshan culture to the period of Ming and Qing Dynasty such as the bronze ware, jade ware, porcelain and calligraphy and painting. The estimated value is up to 8 billion. Over the past year of opening to the public for free, more than 30, 000 person-times have visited the museum, from tourists at home and abroad, people from all walks of life, teachers and students from the university, high school and elementary school to numerous celebrities.
Zhuhai Long Hei Culture & Art Center with an investment of up to 200 million was opened on July 29, 2012. It is situated in the economic, cultural and commercial central zone of Zhuhai and has the central building covering 3,000m2. The center is designed with the exhibition hall, tea house, boutique museum and VIP club. Many significant artworks exhibitions, seminars, auctions and academic workshops are regularly held in the center each year. Since its opening, it has successfully held the “East Meets West ▪ Selected Chinese Painting and Oil Painting Exhibition”, “Porcelain, Jade and Ivory ▪Private Collections and Antiques Exhibition”, “Jingwan Gallery Painting Exhibition” and “Elegance ▪ Exhibition of Selected Porcelains from Famous Kilns in Song and Yuan Dynasty. More than 20,000 person-times were estimated to attend such grand events.

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