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IIC-China 2014 Fall Exhibition


The 19th International IC China Conference & Exhibition 2014

IIC-China 2014 Fall Exhibition


Since 1996, International IC China Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China) has provided China's electronics manufacturers with a primary source of technology. International IC China Conference & Exhibition (IIC-China), the country’s annual systems design event where engineers, technology vendors and new ideas meet, has achieved 18 year's success.

In 2014, the 19th International IC China Conference & Exhibition 2014 Fall Exhibition (IIC-China 2014) will take place at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (SZCEC) from September 2 to September 5, 2014, it will bring you face-to-face with China’s design innovators as they look for new technology and design ideas.


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Why Should You Exhibit at the 19th International IC China Conference & Exhibition 2014 (IIC-China 2014):

The 19th International IC China Conference & Exhibition 2014 (IIC-China 2014) is your face-to-face opportunity to:

√ Meet your customers, network with prospects and develop quality sales leads
√ Talk design, inspire innovation and get your technology selected
√ Address design challenges and build thought leadership
√ Build your brand and increase mindshare in China

Demonstrate the entire breadth of your latest solutions and give engineers hands-on exposure to your products. Show these decision-makers why your technology is right for them and build new business relations.

99% Visitors expect to use technology seen at IIC-China in their design
98% Visitors expect to apply what they learned at IIC-China in their work
97% visitors make final decisions or influence/recommend decisions in technology selection


Maximize effectiveness of your participation

Three out of four visitors find IIC-China the most useful electronics industry show among all events they attend in China. By understanding their objectives for visiting the event, you can plan your booth in such a way to maximize your exposure at IIC-China.


Inspire and influence their technology decisions as you take part in these activities at IIC-China 2014:

  • Live demos and new product launch at the Exhibition
  • Industry address at the conference Keynote
  • Education on hot topics and emerging technologies at the Conferences
  • Expert instruction at Technical Application Courses
  • Highly entertaining and educational Product Teardown
  • Engineer engagement through an exciting game at the Tech Challenge
  • Concurrent events: China ACE awards, Private Buyer Events


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