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IAME 2013 - Shanghai International Amusement Machinery Exhibition 2013


Shanghai International Amusement Machinery Exhibition 2013

IAME 2013

In Conjunction with Shanghai International Amusement Equipment Expo 2013 (SIAE 2013)


Organized by Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd (SGES)Shanghai International Amusement Machinery Exhibition 2013 (IAME 2013), concurrently with Shanghai International Amusement Equipment Expo 2013 (SIAE 2013)is to be held at Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center (SECEC) during June 15-17, 2013. 

Shanghai International Amusement Machinery Exhibition 2013 (IAME 2013) aims to offer a good platform for suppliers and purchasers have a face to face business talking chance easily.


Trade Show Background

With the rapid development of our economy and constantly improving living level, people pay more attention on recreation entertainment, which promote the development of the amusement equipment. There are more and more kinds of fashion and high technology recreation entertainments which has formed an intense competition.
Shanghai, an international famous port city, with superior geographical position and economic prosperity. It enjoys the reputation of international, fashionable and romantic metropolis and Paris of the east. Entertainment market is active, with numerous entertainment institutions. In order to further promote the healthy development of the entertainment industry of regarding shanghai as the center of the east China, meet the increasing entertainment demand, expand technical exchanges and cooperation of amusement equipment .

Thus, Shanghai Municipal Association Of Culture & Entertainment Industry and Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. Jointly organize Shanghai International Amusement Machinery Exhibition 2013 (IAME 2013) ​in June. During the expo, IAME 2013 is expected to gather 10,000 entertainment institutions, as well as traders, dealers, agents and buyers from home and abroad.


Why should you visit Shanghai International Amusement Machinery Exhibition 2013 (IAME 2013)?

100% professional
Exhibitors showcasing the latest products and technology products involved in the field of amusement machinery, all market segments, is a rapid and comprehensive opportunity to understand the amusement machinery market;
100% B2B
IAME2013 has the professional visitors to facilitate high-quality consultation and cooperation between the suppliers and customers;
100% Global Platform
IAME2013 exhibitors from China, Korea, Japan, France, Italy and other major market;
New fashion products
IAME2013 brought  a new fashion together trend in the field of amusement machinery, is very quick and efficient way to understand the latest amusement equipment technology.
Evaluate products and suppliers
You can obtain a series of competitive information on products and suppliers in siae2013 ,do the horizontal comparison and evaluation, and may start face to face negotiations .
Keep up with the pace of the industry and market development
IAME2013 collection layer of decision-making in the field of amusement machinery, technical experts and market research experts.You can open the latest ideas and up-to-date source of technical design and help related applications industries and enterprises in strategic decision-making and business growth.
Build networking and the development of business contacts
IAME2013 is the focus of the amusment machinery industry which can attract from the buyer to the seller, range from industry associations to media and representatives across relevant areas who help you to create a wide range of commercial human relationships.
VIP guests invited to services
IAME2013 organizers will be locked with the intent to purchase VIP buyers groups, and a series of special treatment for your best customers and potential buyers, including the VIP lounge, thoughtful business services, get a beautiful gift to attend the exhibition, in order to allow buyers feel at home, make your procurement activities handy.
Business Matching Program:
IAME2013 efforts to promote interaction between the users and the exhibitors, the organizers will you "tailor" customized business matching program, and actively help guide you to meet with the most important suppliers in the best time.


Why Can Not Miss Shanghai International Amusement Machinery Exhibition 2013 (IAME 2013)?

◆Competitive advantages——show imagination and strength.
◆Show your new products and services,know potential customers with low cost.
◆Conveniently business contact with target customers
◆Face to face communicate with your target customers,the most convincing form of sales and establishing good customer relationship.
◆Rapid marketing penetration,  highest rewar on investment of marketing
◆Study the competitive situation, help you developing the near-term and long-term   planning;
◆Build harmonious relationship with customers.
◆Accept more than 20,000 professional visitors seeing、purchasing and trading efficency.
◆Benefit from the global medio reporters.


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Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Services Co., LTD, founded in 2001, is a national professional exhibition and conference organization, with a high quality and professional talented team. Based in Shanghai, we have more than 10 branches home and abroad.

Shanghai Gehua always adheres to “Professional Characteristic” exhibition orientation & "Diligence Concentration Sincerity" service attitude. With highly professional spirit, we establish long-term cooperation relationship with the related government departments, industry associations and organizations, media agencies and other partners and hold many approbatory and popular exhibitions. Every year Shanghai Gehua sponsor and undertake series of exhibitions including five subjects, Textile and Clothing, Auto Parts & Accessories, Mechanical Equipment, Gifts, and Food etc.. Some of them, such as Textile & Fabrics Expo, Fashion Production (OEM) Expo, Hosiery Purchasing Expo, Textile Machinery Expo, Auto Supplies Sourcing Expo, Automobile Air-conditioning Show, Fishery Expo, have become the grand industry events, and attract vast numbers of professional buyers at home and abroad.
Shanghai Gehua follow exhibition industry development trend. We continuously inject new interactive elements into our exhibition, supporting and enhancing the actual encounter of the buyer with products and suppliers on the fair grounds and beyond. Through the integration of resources, construction industry platform, we do our best to provide better professional and personalized service for both domestic and overseas customers and earn extensive trust.
With the goal of self-transcendence, Gehua People always hold proactive and professional spirit and promote the growth of the enterprise constantly. Because of Gehua profession, we totally believe that we can make you gain more effects, more businesses, and more values.

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